Hey everyone! We've just added an exciting new sex position called 'Doggy Pack' to our collection. It's a foursome pose that involves two guys and two girls. Big shoutout to DonMontana for the awesome suggestion!
Check out the new clothing items for ladies: the "Latex Jumpsuit" and the "Latex BDSM Mask". These can be purchased at the BDSM shop located at the Southern MNF area.
We almost forgot to raise the maximum sex level. It's now set to 26.
The tentacle version of the "Turn Crimson" pose has been released. To learn this pose, please visit the Sexual Wisdom Temple. To acquire the tentacle equipment (Octodildotron), please visit the BDSM shop at Southern MNF. Cheers!
We've added a double-dicked version of the "Turn Crimson" pose. As usual, you can learn this pose at the Sexual Wisdom Temple. P.S.: You may find the Double-dick potion in the Shaman Tower.
Exciting news! We've just added a powerful new pose to our game called "Turn Crimson." We want to give a huge shoutout to the player "Crimson Wolf" for his incredible suggestion that inspired this addition. "Turn Crimson" is a versatile pose that can be used by male, futa, and bulk characters, allowing for various combinations and enhancing gameplay dynamics. Thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm! Enjoy the game!
Introducing Spectator Mode: The "Eye of MNF" item grants access to the spectator mode for all of your properties. This feature allows you or your guests to observe sex activities taking place in beds, cars, or tubs. To purchase the item, simply click on the eye-icon-button when you are at your property. P.S.: Good news for non-premium users! The FFM pose "Under Heat (Light)" is now available for you to acquire.
Introducing the latest addition to our collection of sex poses: the 'Head Diver.' Now available for use in the comfort of your own 2-bedroom house. Just like before, you'll need to pay a visit to the Sexual Wisdom Temple to learn this exciting new pose.
Special thanks to @AinsMNF for the valuable advice on expanding our men's collection with the addition of the trendy 'Tracksuit & Shorts' outfit. We're thrilled to announce that we now have a new headwear option available for both men and women - the stylish 'Mohawk Wig'. To get your hands on these exciting new items, make sure to visit the Red Heat location. Happy shopping!
Introducing the latest addition - the captivating 'Star Princess' costume! Designed for all cosplay enthusiasts, this alluring outfit is now available for purchase at the monk clothing stand in the Sexual Wisdom Temple. Get ready to ignite your imagination and bring your favorite character to life with this irresistible ensemble.
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