Hey, we've got a cool new scene for our pole dancers! Now they can serve the 'Bulk' characters. It's a good reason to swing by the 'Vodka Bar' today.
Hey, it's time to get yourself a Dairy Farm! The barn house comes with a brand new milking station. You can breed your hucows and invite your friends to join in on the fun. The milking sex pose can handle all kinds of fuckers too - males, females, bulks, futas and even tentacles :) Farm season is upon us at MNF Club, so don't wait to get started. P.S.: The dairy farm is located in the Suburbs.
Hey, there's a new dance move that Level 10 strippers and up can now use! Don't forget to restart the game first to be able to see the new dance move ;)
New outfit for men - Mankini. It can be found in Bikini booth at Lagoon Beach.
Hi there! We've added a new sex pose for bulks named "Cock Sleeve". This new pose can be used on both female and futa avatars. Hey, it even works in the shower! Please visit Sexual Wisdom Temple to learn this new sex position. P.S.: The maximum EXP level has now been raised to 23.
New outfits for MNF ladies and MNF futas - "Hucow set" + "Hucow horns". You may find these clothing items in Saloon at the Wild West.
Now double dick potion can be used for sexual interaction with futa characters too.
New male avatar potion is great for solo double-dick stuffing. It's time to stretch some holes as wide as never before :) The potion can be acquired in Shaman Tower.
The Police Station at Flash Memo Plaza is open. A small puzzle game is waiting for you to challenge your brain cells ;)
Woohoo! We've added a new FFM sex pose to keep you entertained this holiday season. The MNF Club team wishes you a Merry XMas and a Lucky New Year!
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