New foursome sex pose 'Bang in Gang' finally has been added. It took a while to make it happen, but somehow we've managed to solve all the problems. We hope you will enjoy it :) P.S. Maximum sex level has been raised to 14.
!!!Superheroine/Supervillainess Friday!!! Girls may buy a superheroine costume at Red Heat area. Hero mask can be found at Designer Eyewear (MNF Metropolis).
An addition to the chat functionality. Now you may click player's name in the chat and get his/her avatar info.
New location 'Shaman Lair' and new NPC orc wizard Ghorza. Now you may change you skin and eye color any time you want. Premium users got some additional fantasy skin/eye colors.
New NPC sex scene! Now you may fuck Lara Bubblebutt after completely undressing her in Flappy Petnis mini-game.
New male costume 'Stripper Tux Set' can be found in Bar Vodka at Red Alert area.
New FFM sex pose 'Group Pyramid' was added.
New outfit for girls - "Slutty Nurse Set" + "Nurse Hat". It can be bought at Red Heat location.
Now you can boot unwanted guests out of your rooms or houses individually. Just click on him/her and then press 'Boot This Guest' button.
Strip Pole has been added to your 2 Bedroom Houses.
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