Despite the death of Flash our MMO game MNF Club stays strong and we keep adding new content for our beloved users. Lately we've been getting a lot of requests to create another lesbian pose. Well here it is. "Lick it Up, Lick it Up, Oh-Oh-Oh!" ♪
New futa-version of 'Side Roller' sex pose has been added. It could be acquired by shemale-avatars in Sexual Wisdom Temple.
New holiday cameo appearance of Officer Juggs is added. She can be found at Southern MNF area.
New pose has been released for female avatars. It's called 'Side Roller'. We wish all of you to be of good cheer this holiday season!
Sex pose of "Muff Diving" now is available for non-premium avatars.
New MMFF sex pose has been added.
New halloween themed headwear items can be found at the Beach.
New NPC sex pose has been added. It's available only for male avatars.
We've added 2 new bandanas for all the good people of MNF. They can be found in Hats&Caps store at MNF Metropolis. Peace!
New Mini-Game "Power Lifting" has been added. It's located in the jail block at Southern MNF. Sex scene for powerlifter Luna is gonna be added soon.
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