Xmas Update! A new magic potion for our female players can be bought from potion master Ghorza at Shaman Tower. It will make your tits produce gallons of milk. Also it unlocks an additional milking sex pose. Horny males thirsty of hot breast juice are gonna be pleased... Small-dose effect lasts only for 24 hours, but a big dose will grant you lactation power permanently.
New set of hats to celebrate this Thanksgiving! Click on a cowboy hat on the table in Saloon at Wild West. It's all there.
New Halloween headpiece for both men and women. Can be found at the beach location.
Good news everyone! We've made a major update by adding futa functionality to our game. Now female avatars may buy a futa potion from Orcess Ghorza in Shaman Tower and switch between futa and no-futa versions of themselves. For now, there are several sex poses available for futa: Male-Shemale, Shemale-Female and Shemale-Shemale. More sex pose adoptations for futas are coming up soon.
For a long time there was no new outfit for our male avatars. Time to fill the gap! This new "Tailored Coat" will make your avatar look serious and respectable.
New FFM pose 'Pussy Jam' involves two pussies at the same time!
We keep working on making our game available for mobile devices. Today we've updated Android version of the game. Now it works in Full-Screen mode and correctly aligns screen keyboard with chat text field which makes typing easy. Also we've added a Zoom slider for your convinience. Notice: You need to install 'Puffin Browser' on your Android device to play mobile version of the game.
Now we have a downloadable version of MNF Club for Windows PC users (Mac version is on the way too). It's a tiny app (only 15 Megabytes) which does not require Flash Player to be installed on your computer. You may keep enjoying MNF Club game even if your web browser does not support Flash Player Plugin anymore. Downloadable version works even faster comparing to Web version and gives you higher FPS in sex animations :)
Female pose 'Get On Top' now is available for non-premium users.
New NPC sex pose! Now you may titfuck super busty potion maker orcess Ghorza. This sex scene is available only for male avatars. P.S. Notice! You might need to clean your browser cache to see this pose. Ctrl+F5 should work.
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