Now premium users who reached Sex Level 10 may go nude any time they want (even at public areas). Just click 'Costumes' button and choose 'Nude' outfit.
A new sex pose for men has been added. It's called 'Banana Milkshake'. Enjoy!
New clothing for women 'Princess Dress' has been added. You can find it in Waterfall Evening Dress shop. Also there is a Small Crown that can be bought in Oasis Head Wear Shop.
New mini-game 'Flappy Petnis'. Find it in the Petnis Forest. Game hostess stands on a tree platform.
New NPC sex scene for premiums has been added. Now you may witness the receptionist from Plaza Hotel doing hardcore stuff with a muscular porter guy. Short guide how to see this sex scene: 1) Talk to receptionist at Hotel Plaza. 2) Talk to porter at Hotel Plaza. 3) Buy flowers in Gnomes Cave at Sacred Mountain. (click a tree twig to open the secret door in the bottom of the mountain). 4) Talk to porter guy again.
New outfit for our ladies - Denim Jumpsuit. You can buy it at Saloon (Wild West).
New Dance Move 'Perfect Balance' is available for strip dancers who's reached Sex Level 6.
New NPC and new FFM sex pose. Check out BDSM&Fetish shop at Southern MNF.
New outfit for girls - Egyptian Queen (by Zelen). It can be found at Oasis location. Yes, it's expensive, but it's a pure gold ;)
New female sex pose to acquire - Split Poundage. If you like flexible girls you're gonna love it.
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