"Bulldog" - a new entertaining sex pose for males by popular demand! As usual you may acquire it in Sexual Wisdom Temple. Have a nice fuck!
New sex pose we've been asked a lot - "Mating Press". Finally, here it is. Enjoy your RPs, ladies and gentlemen.
Not very often we treat our male avatars with a new outfit. But today is one of those rare days :) We've added a 'Sport Suit'. You may find this costume in the Oasis Pearl Garments shop.
New MMF pose 'Spit Roast' is out! As usual you may learn this sex pose at Sexual Wisdom Temple. P.S.: One of the older FFM poses "Orgasmic Unity" now is available for non-premium users :)
New Roommaid outfit and hat have been added for our female players by popular demand. You may buy them at the Oasis location.
Now the latest sex pose "OctoDildoding" can be used on shemale avatars too!
We've added a new sex toy, it's called "OctoDildotron". You can buy it in BDSM&Fetish Shop at Southern MNF. This marvelous SciFi device comes in bundle with a new amazing sex pose "OctoDildoing". Currently you may use this thing only on female avatars, but we plan to add a functionality so it could be used on shemale avatars as well.
New female sex pose by popular demand - "Rimming Delight"!
New female outfit "Cheerleader Costume" has been added. It can be found in the costume shop at Red Heat area. Have fun!
Good news for all private jet owners! New NPC sex scene with your sexy pilot.
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