Finally! The first threesome pose is added. It's the MMF sex pose called 'Share the Love'. This update took a bit longer then we expected, but finally it's here. Also some minor changes have been done in 'in-bed' functionality. For example: all sex scene options are opened right from the beginning, so you can skip the options you don't like during the sex.
New Harlequin Hat for both female and male avatars.
Boobjob sex pose now is available for non-premium female avatars.
New sex position is available for female avatars - Reverse Cowgirl. You can learn it in the temple of Sexual Wisdom.
Male Swimming Shorts now is available for non-premiums. You can buy it at Lagoon Beach.
Female users who want to look classy now may purchase a Business Suit in Waterfall Evening Dress shop.
New Mini-game in Shooting Gallery (location: Red Heat). You can get some easy cash by practicing your shooting skills.
Now showers at Oasis Baths are functioning.
Face veil and Genie hat are available for premium girls in Oasis Headwear store.
Now you may visit Public Baths located at Oasis. Take off all your clothes and relax in the water.
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