We've added 2 new bandanas for all the good people of MNF. They can be found in Hats&Caps store at MNF Metropolis. Peace!
New Mini-Game "Power Lifting" has been added. It's located in the jail block at Southern MNF. Sex scene for powerlifter Luna is gonna be added soon.
New pose for our futa-avatars has been added. As usual this pose can be obtained in Sexual Wisdom Temple.
2 new modifications for the latest pose 'Under Heat' have been added. 1st one 'Under Heat (Light)' is FFM pose. 2nd one 'Under Heat (1 on 1)' is MF pose for male players. 'Under Heat (1 on 1)' is even available for non-premium players. Have a good role-play! Oh yeah and new max level now is 18!
Hi there, guys and gals. It's been a while since our last update. Finally, we're glad to provide you with a new FFFM pose. Have fun and thanks for playing! P.S.: This notice is for those who've bought a duplicate MMMF pose recently. If you can't see a new FFFM pose in Sexual Wisdom Temple, it means that you've already got this new FFFM pose. It was a glitch on our side, sorry for inconvinience.
New outfit for female avatars has been added - 'Space Trooper Suit'. It can be found and bought at 'Red Alert' area. New headwear 'Space Trooper Helmet' can be applied for both male and female avatars.
New mini-game for classic match-3 puzzle lovers. Game is located on the second floor of Wild West Saloon.
We've added a new type of head wear - 'High Filtration Mask'. Available for both premium and non-premium users it could be bought for just MNF$1 in Oasis Headwear Shop. Stay safe during those crazy days when whole world goes to quarantine.
We've added a new type of ingame property - THE CAR. Buy youself a brand new Cockdillac + Garage and get new amazing sex pose 'Road Head' as a bonus. Cockdillac Dealership is located in Suburbs area.
First new sex pose of 2020 - 'Bum Bum'. We've been frequently asked to add this classic one :) And one more thing... maximum sex level now is 16.
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