Friends List now can be sorted by name, by date and by online/offline status.
Reindeer Antlers. Can be found in Furry Flurry headwear shop at Read Heat.
Swat Costume for guys
New Halloween outfit for premium girls - Witch Costume and one new hat for everybody - Wizard Hat.
Today we're going to treat you with a new sex pose :) This time it's FFM threesome called 'Orgasmic Unity'. Enjoy fellas!
Now you may use any language to chat and PM.
Now you can specify your country and describe yourself or your sexual preferences. Just click on your own avatar in order to do this.
Some new outfits for you ladies and gentlemen. Heart Sunglasses, Hearts Headband Boppers and Polka Dot Bow.
Elephant G-string for male premiums :)
Finally! The first threesome pose is added. It's the MMF sex pose called 'Share the Love'. This update took a bit longer then we expected, but finally it's here. Also some minor changes have been done in 'in-bed' functionality. For example: all sex scene options are opened right from the beginning, so you can skip the options you don't like during the sex.
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