New NPC and new FFM sex pose. Check out BDSM&Fetish shop at Southern MNF.
New outfit for girls - Egyptian Queen (by Zelen). It can be found at Oasis location. Yes, it's expensive, but it's a pure gold ;)
New female sex pose to acquire - Split Poundage. If you like flexible girls you're gonna love it.
Now you may buy your own Studio Apartment at Southern MNF. It's pretty expensive but there is no expiration time and it works on any game server. You also will be able to customize your apartment by creating your own background.
New NPC and new lesbian pose to acquire. Visit Bar Vodka at Red Heat location to check it out.
Male BDSM Harness has been added. You can find it in BDSM&Fetish shop(Southern MNF).
New female outfit - Bondage Harness. Can be purchased in BDSM&Fetish Shop (Southern MNF).
Now you may have shower sex in Hotel Plaza President Lux.
First gay sex pose has been added. It's called Pearly Gates.
Now you may have sex in Baths' Showers. Soon shower sex functionality is gonna be added for hotel rooms.
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