Woohoo! New female pose by popular demand has been added - "Face Sitting". Have fun, ladies and gentlemen!
New MF sex pose for male avatars - 'Against The Wall'. Enjoy!
New head-wear has become available for our female players. It's a "Bridal Veil'. You can buy this veil at 'Red Head' area. This new item could be useful for a wedding RP :)
Hello, dear players! Today we've got a new Wedding Update for you. Here's a little instructions to explain how it all works: 1) First, of course, you need to find a player who's willing to be your spouse :) 2) In order to get married, you need to book a Wedding Chapel at Flash Memo Plaza to conduct your future ceremony. Wedding Chapel works like any other in-game property, you may visit it and invite guests there. 3) You can visit 'Wedding Chapel' before the ceremony and decorate it for your personal taste (just use 'Customize Background' button when you're in). 4) Invite your fiance, a wedding officiant and all your guests and friends to 'Wedding Chapel' to conduct a ceremony. 5) Now you're ready to role-play a wedding. Read your vows and when the ceremony is finished click on you fiance and press 'Ask to be your spouse' button. If your fiance accepted the proposal, then Congratulations, you are married MNF couple! P.S.: Married avatar may use all the spousal in-game property. P.P.S.: Married avatar can get a divorce at any time. P.P.P.S.: It works for gay marriages as well.
Ladies and gentlemen! New threesome pose 'Team Job' is ready for your service!
Potion master Ghorza the Stentorian has prepared a new concoction for our male avatars. This magical substance can significantly grow your muscles and enlarge your penis up to incredible proportions, turning you into a true monster of mass! Ask for this rare potion in Shaman Lair. And of course, this transformation comes with a new sex pose!
We've added a new location to our world's map. Its name is "Flash Memo Plaza". This place is featuring a few new buildings. Let me explain a little bit what do we plan for them at this point: 1) "Wedding Chapel". The place where you guys and gals will be able to perform your wedding ceremonies. Moderators probably will get a power to register marriges and breakups. 2) "Stand Up Club". Once in while we've been asked to create a place where players can do their standup comedy stuff. And I think it'd be nice to have a pool table there to challenge other players in mini-game of billiard :) 3) "Police Station". Don't have any concrete plans for this place, but Officer Juggs will definetely be there :) 4) "Airport". Did you ever fantasize to have a private jet? Soon you may have one :) More updates are coming up soon. Stay tuned...
Good news everybody! New MMF pose has arrived. The pose name is 'It's my Turn!'. This pose is a tricky one, cuz this time male avatars have to share the girl's mouth and need to come to an agreement who's fucking and who's waiting :) So enjoy the pose guys and gals and learn how to share :) P.S.: Futas can have this pose too.
Spring is coming soon. Here is a couple of clothing update to lift your spirits a little bit. Split maxi skirt with a new bra for girls (it can be found at the beach). And new 'Flower Wreath' headwear for both men and women (it can be purchased at Oasis location).
New outfit for male avatars - Biker Leather Jacket. You can buy it in Saloon Bar at Wild West area.
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