Check out our latest additions for the ladies! We've got the "French Braid Wig" and three different styles of "Jeans Shorts & Bikini Top". You can find all of these items at the Saloon in the Wild West area. Cheers!
Good news for all the futa players! Now all three new blowjob poses (Single Blow, Double Blow, and Triple Blow) are available for futas. As usual, you can acquire all of them at the Sexual Wisdom Temple. Cheers!
New group of sex scenes: Triple Blow, Double Blow and Single Blow. Single Blow is available for non-premium users.
Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your hats because this holiday season, get ready to rumble with our brand new, rip-roaring mini-game extravaganza! Introducing... Boomtown Wrestling! That's right, folks – step into the ring and unleash your inner champion!
We've just moo-ved things up a notch with an udderly a-MOO-zing new pose to make your Halloween extra special! This pose is available in two variants: MMF and male solo. And just like always, you can snatch up this pose at the one and only Sexual Wisdom Temple. Wishing each and every one of you a merry and spooktacular Halloween! P.S.: By the way, just a quick heads up: we've raised the maximum sex level to 24.
We've conjured up a spooktacular treat for our premium users this Halloween! Get ready to strike a pose with our fabulous NPC Pamela Andrews at the Lagoon Beach. Simply give that gargoyle next to her a click and watch the magic unfold!
New Halloween headwear - Scream Mask. Can be found and bought at the Lagoona Beach.
We've been asked a few times to make the Reverse Titfuck position available for one-on-one usage. So here it is. It would definitely be great for those who prefer not to share their partner :) Please visit Sexual Wisdom Temple if you'd like to add it to your pose collection. P.S.: This pose is for male avatars.
Hey, we've got a cool new scene for our pole dancers! Now they can serve the 'Bulk' characters. It's a good reason to swing by the 'Vodka Bar' today.
Hey, it's time to get yourself a Dairy Farm! The barn house comes with a brand new milking station. You can breed your hucows and invite your friends to join in on the fun. The milking sex pose can handle all kinds of fuckers too - males, females, bulks, futas and even tentacles :) Farm season is upon us at MNF Club, so don't wait to get started. P.S.: The dairy farm is located in the Suburbs.
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