New 'Pharaoh Hat' headwear is available for purchase. It could be found in Oasis Hat Store.
We're glad to offer you guys and girls a new type of in-game property 'Luxury Yacht'. It's a perfect place to throw a party. There are pool, pole dance podium, minibar, 2 bedrooms and shower. And as always, you're free to decorate your boat and its cockpit as you want. The yacht can be purchased at Red Heat area. Have fun!
New male sex pose 'Reverse Entry' has been added. P.S.: Male pose 'Climbing the Tree' now is avaibale for non-premium users.
Special guests are in MNF Metropolis for this Xmas. Mrs.Claus and Elf Sparky visited out city with special charity mission. New NPC sex pose with Mrs.Claus is available for premium male players :)
Search function has been added to Friends List. I hope it will help those users who has lots of friends in game. Cheers!
New NPC sex pose. This time it's a bank teller blonde from MNF National Bank. All that time she was hiding big juicy butt behind the counter. Now you may bang her up the ass using your petnis. Also we have a few new NPCs under development and eventually all the NPCs will get their own sex poses. Cheers!
New foursome sex pose 'Bang in Gang' finally has been added. It took a while to make it happen, but somehow we've managed to solve all the problems. We hope you will enjoy it :) P.S. Maximum sex level has been raised to 14.
!!!Superheroine/Supervillainess Friday!!! Girls may buy a superheroine costume at Red Heat area. Hero mask can be found at Designer Eyewear (MNF Metropolis).
An addition to the chat functionality. Now you may click player's name in the chat and get his/her avatar info.
New location 'Shaman Lair' and new NPC orc wizard Ghorza. Now you may change you skin and eye color any time you want. Premium users got some additional fantasy skin/eye colors.
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