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Information MnF Club, an uncertain future
Posted by: RedFires - 05-12-2019, 05:54 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (3)

As we all know by now, the entire core of the MnF Club game (and the complete MnF Games library) is totally developed in Flash, a technology that has sure seen better days, and now has its days counted. 
Adobe, the current developer and owner of Flash since its purchase to Macromedia, already set the definitive day for the Flash "death": Dec 31, 2020

By that moment, every piece of web media created over Flash will no longer be compatible with internet protocols and standards. And that's cause Apple (Safari), the Chromium project (Chrome, Opera and Edge, among others) and the Mozilla Foundation (Firefox) already declared they efforts to put down this technology years ago, and little by little they are sinking the boat, putting very clear the fact that Flash will be dead sooner than we think.

That leads to a very simple questions. What is gonna happen to MnF Club? Sooner than we believe, the game will be no longer accessible, by any means.
This is an actual problem that nobody is talking about, as as we all know very well, the MnF dev team is pretty quiet about basically anything.
Being that the case, all we see is that they keep working over Flash, with no clear intentions to move to another platforms. All the opposite.
So, must we believe that MnF Club has its days counted as well?

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Posted by: Elder Statesman - 05-07-2019, 10:58 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (12)

Hello fellows!
A new idea!
What ist the most sexy part of our avatars??? Huh
They have nice butts and soft boobies, long legs and tight hipps...
But the most sexy thing is their face!
Look in their eyes, when they are fucking with you!
Some faces are funny, some show fear or pain, some show surprise...
I want more of this stuff!

So I will bring you some examples of womens faces, which I would like here in the game! Smile


We start with the surprise in her face, when you grab her and pull down her pants! Big Grin

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  The Online Pornography (Commercial Basis) Regulations 2018
Posted by: Lady_Alexa - 04-19-2019, 07:54 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (3)

So... how will MnF Club be handling this...?

The UK Government will be bring this law into force on the 15th July 2019.  So it will be illegal any Adult based website to provide any UK resident access without Proof of Age has been verified.


Also, I just been reading this article by WIRED, which a rather interesting read..


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  Tanya's inspiring tank story
Posted by: Cath - 04-07-2019, 07:50 AM - Forum: Creative writing - Replies (8)

Hello, Cath here! This story has been proofread for so long, it's been sitting in my box, waiting to be corrected and all. I've edited the first pages but I've got lazy halfway through. But I still wanna thank my proofreader and my beta readers too. I'll be working on the second part when I feel like it.

Disclaimer: All characters present in the story are from a fiction, any ressemblance with a real life person is fortuitous (or something)


   Tanya shouted to her tank, it was immobilised. She kicked the vehicle to make it move, almost like a rider with a horse. She was panicking as she was being attacked by two enemies who were firing at her tank. She could hear the shells bouncing on the hull. One of them pierced the armour and destroyed the radio. She screamed and jumped away. 
   "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Not like this! Not like this!" She screamed, kicking her tank.
   She looked through the visor and saw the turret of a much bigger tank slowly turning towards Tanya, and she gulped. She opened the trapdoor which led to the back of the turret. The wind blew a strand of hair in her face.
   The tank was sitting in a meadow, with craters made from the shells. A big column of smoke was coming from destroyed armoured vehicle near Tanya's position. All around, detonations were heard; it was the sound of armoured battles. The fight was raging all around and Tanya was in the middle of it. She had sold everything to buy her tank; she thought she could compensate with the money she'd make from the battle she'd win with it. A tear ran down her cheek and before it reached the floor, the big enemy tank had fired and the shell destroyed her precious vehicle, the explosion propelling Tanya a few meters away, her artificial legs got destroyed.
   "I can't feel my legs!" She screamed, holding her limbs as a reflex.
   She turned her back on the floor and laid there, watching the clear blue sky. The enemies passed by her, the big tank stopped by her and the commander pulled his head out of the commander's hatch. He was a big man with thick beard, he wore a very clean uniform and a big smile.
   "Need help?" The man asked.
   "You know the lead, Ivan. Get moving before they think we're cooperating."
   "Yeah, sure!" Ivan said with a laugh as he went back inside his turret.
   Tanya looked at her wrist, a small screen was implanted in her forearm, she pressed a button and her body collapsed, her eyes wide open which seemed like contemplating the sky but without any spark of life in it. The woman woke up from her capsule, opened the see-through plastic door and got out of it. She went to the room next door and met other teammates who got killed or disconnected from their android body. There was a screen on the wall and three couches facing it, there was a drinking machine as well as a snack machine, someone was already using it.
   "Hey! Tanya! How you do?" A man who was sitting on the first couch said.
   "Pretty horribly, I got ambushed. Ivan and his big doom canon, again," Tanya said, slightly bitter from her loss.
   "Russian quality, dotch." The man who was also Russian said.
   The woman wallowed in the couch, sitting next to the man.
   "You know I'm German bias. And stop calling me dotch! Sounds like bitch, you know?" She said, bumping him with her shoulder.
   "But dotch is cute! Hey, look! Nash and Lucy are ambushing Ivan!"
   Lucy's tank, a light armoured vehicle, drove quickly behind Ivan's and immobilized him. Nash finished the Russian from far away. But in the end, the enemy team won as they had captured the allied base. The carcass of the woman's tank was brought back to her garage, it was badly damaged. The head engineer came to her, with a notepad.
   "Here's the price for the repairs, but the money you earned couldn't make it. Do you have the rest?" The man said, while showing the price to the woman.
   "No… I'm kind of broke at the moment."
   "Tough luck. Well, it'll be stored here until you get the money to pay us. Except if you can find people to do it for free, it'll stay this way. But I have to warn you, if it doesn't conform to the rules, we'll destroy it and fine you."
   "I know… but can I get a beginner's tank? I've got room for it, since I've sold everything I had."
   "Sure, we'll deliver it tomorrow, have you chosen which tank?"
   "The German one, of course."
   They shook hands to seal their deal. Tanya had nothing else except her garage which had a capacity to hold forty tanks, she could sleep there but it had no proper furniture so she had to improvise a bed with a few wooden crates and protective canvas from a previous tank. Tanya needed a lot of money to repair her vehicle, she went to see various places to get a job, but she didn't have a lot of qualifications. 
   After losing the battle with her beginner's tank, she was again without income. Tanya was so disgusted that she went to the nearest bridge and stood on its safety fence. She extended her arms and closed her eyes.
   "Hey, what are you doing here?" A familiar voice said.
   Tanya opened her eyes and saw Ivan, he was holding plastic bags as he went back from the grocery store. 
   "Aren't you back in Moscow?" She sharply replied.
   "My son's birthday is in two days, so I'm staying here since, you know, he lives here."
   The woman came down the fence and leaned on it.
   "Do you need help with those bags? They look quite heavy." Tanya said.
   "It's ok, why don't you come to my place, it's getting late. My wife will cook something for you to eat, you look... hungry?"
   The girl carried one of the Russian's bags, when they arrived, the wife had already dressed the table for them as Ivan had informed her that they'll have a guest for the evening. His wife gave a warm welcome to the young woman. The Russian woman was in her mid-thirties and was very pale, unlike her warm personality.
   "So, you say you fought lots of times?" The woman said with basic English.
   "Yeah, but he must have told you that he won every time." Tanya replied with an embarrassed smile.
   "Don't bully her, Xenia. Come on, eat. You must be hungry after that last battle, dotch." Ivan said, putting more mashed potato on Tanya's plate.
   The Russian couple treated the woman like their own daughter, even letting her sleep at their place. She slept on the sofa, but it was better than a wooden plank. The next morning, she thanked the couple and went her own way. She visited more places to find a job, but she couldn't find any. She met another acquaintance from the last tank battle, a woman who always looked grumpy.
   "Hey, Josette! How are you doing?" She said as she walked to the lady in question.
   "Good. Look, I'm busy at the moment."
   "What are you doing anyway?" Tanya asked as they were walking in a busy street.
   "I'm busy. I need to... Damn it, I lost him! Thanks Tanya!" Josette said as she stopped, frustrated. "Look, tank battles are like a hobby, I have a job and you just screwed it with your useless talk."
   "You were stalking a dude, huh? You know, I could help you too? What do you want me to do?"
   Josette sighed but she accepted and promised to share some of the money she'll get from the job. The broke woman was pleased to get some work and actively looked for the man the lady with a French name was following. After finding him, Tanya contacted Josette to inform her of the actions of the man. With that, the job was done and Josette gave her a quarter of the earning.
   "Thanks a lot, do you know if your employer is hiring? Seems like an easy job."
   "Sis, you wouldn't want that. It isn't a nice work, you could get in troubles."
   "Sis? But this job was easy! Come on, don't be selfish! Help a fellow tank commander!"
   "Listen, you might have to kill some people, so no. I won't introduce to this job. Here, I was just gathering intel, next I'll have to kill him."
   Josette was a bounty hunter, she worked because of the good pay and also because she didn't have any other skills. The French lady sent Tanya back to her garage, where a cute woman was distributing leaflets. The young woman didn't really pay attention to the paper the girl handed to her, she only noticed the cute woman's emerald eyes. After lying on her homemade bed, she looked at the thing the green eyed lady gave, it was a colourful advertisement. 
   "Got bored of your life? Need money? Rejected by the society? The Order will accept you and make you someone new! Friendly faces and a huge sense of community await you in the Order!" Tanya read out loud before tossing the leaflet aside.
   A new day had started, this time, the tank commander wanted to do something different, instead of coming to people, she'll advertise herself. The idea of creating a leaflet struck her, but she didn't have a lot of money. She had to think of something to help advertising, so she rummaged through a pile of scraps and found some papers who were supposed to be used for a printing machine.
   "Great! Just what I needed! Now, I just have to write something that makes me interesting." Tanya thought, munching the tip of her ballpoint pen. 
   In the end, she wrote that she was desperate to find a job and put her phone number below. She knew she shouldn't have dropped high school but tanks went first in her life. She chuckled, thinking about that. Afterward, she posted her leaflets on the walls of alleys ush streets and she soon got a phone call. It was from an old couple who needed someone to do their groceries, which she did. Tanya was quite proud of being paid and proceeded to pay the engineers for the repairs of her beginner's tank. 
    Her next battle was in two hours, her team was composed of beginners and amateurs. She sighed when she realised that the enemy team was composed of regulars who needed some easy money. Tanya tried to rally her teammates so they would follow her, she wanted to lead them to victory but of course most of them mindlessly charged forward, in a purposely-built-for-tanks-battle town. Those towns were easy to build, with walls that were easily replaced when damaged. The streets were also wider and based on a square grind. She followed two tanks who decided to flank, they met most of the enemy team, so she quickly retreated and hid between two houses. Luckily, the opponents drove past her without noticing the woman's vehicle. She flanked them from behind, destroying half of the enemy group before being spotted by them. She drove backward, stopped to fire and repeated the action until she was blocked by a house. With her actions, she annihilated two third of the enemy forces before getting immobilised.
   "Haha! I don't care if you kill me! With my actions, I'm sure to get enough money to avoid being in the red!" She shouted from inside the vehicle.
   An enemy shell bounced off her armour, she turned to the tank and aimed but the opponent destroyed the cannon. Tanya cursed and did the only thing she could do: getting out of the armoured vehicle and repair the damaged tracks, she dodged an incoming shell and finished the repairs.
   "Suck it, loser!" She said, flipping the bird as she entered her tank.
   Another shell hit her vehicle, sending her flying through the air. She was sent on a wall, her artificial left arm was broken.
   "Too soon..." she said, with bitterness in her voice.
   She clumsily got up, holding her broken arm. She walked towards her tank but an enemy used a mounted machine gun to shoot at her. She miraculously dodged the suppressing fire and hid inside a wooden house. She laid down, protecting her head with her working arm. The enemy mowed down the walls with its superior firepower. Tanya was screaming in fear but the sound of the destruction was louder. After a few minutes which seemed like an eternity for the woman, the enemy gunner had to reload. The injured tank commander got up and ran to her own tank, she quickly entered the commander's hatch which was higher than the driver's one. With the strength of the devil, she reloaded the main gun in no time and fired a hasty shot at the enemy. She hit the turret which blew up.
   "Ugh… my arm is broken… I can't fight properly. Now, let's see if the driver AI isn't damaged, otherwise I'll have to man it." Tanya said to herself as she checked the driver's seat where a dummy with an AI was stationed on. "Seems good! Alright! Let's go to safety then." 
   As soon as the tank moved forward, its engine got hit by an enemy shell which lit the tank on fire. She woke up from her capsule and as usual, she went to the spectating room. She was relieved that her team won but by a thread as it was a one-on-one battle at the end. At the counter of the room, she received the reward for the match but something was odd.
   "Hey! Where's the rest?! I destroyed eight tanks! That's three quarters of the enemy force!" she shouted to the man giving the rewards.
   "Sorry, but you owe us a lot of money, so here's your cut."
   "What do you mean? I don't owe you any money," Tanya said, frowning. "The only person I owe money is the garage owner. And it isn't really exactly owing, it's more like paying when I have the necessary amount."
   "Exactly, he works for us, so by that extent, you owe us money."
   "Are you kidding me? Dude, I need this money. I don't have any other way to get incomes, so you have to give it to me."
   The man looked at the room then asked the woman to wait until no one was there. As usual, the other tank commanders left quickly since they had other vehicles they could use while the one they used was being repaired. The man behind the counter walked around it to stand next to the confused woman.
   "You need a job, right? How about working here, behind the counter?"
   Tanya looked at him with disbelief.
   "Dude, you'd let me work here? That's… oddly generous. So what's the trick?"
   "You'll work behind the counter, but you won't be handling the money." The man said, unzipping his trousers. 
   She looked at his groin then at his face. 
   "It's more like giving a job, huh? How much will you pay me?"
   "Nothing. If you do as I say, I won't keep your money. You'll get the full reward."
   Tanya stared at the pants and the more she stared at it, the more she felt disgusted.
   "I… I… I can't do that! That's gross!" she said as she back a little bit. "I'm… I'm not that desperate… yet."
   The man zipped his trousers but he had to be careful as his semi-erect penis was in the way. He then got back behind the desk to tidy the paperwork then left. Tanya was long gone, she ran away and came back to her garage where a young woman was observing the commander's tanks. At first, the jobless woman thought she was in someone else's garage but then the young person turned to face the owner of the vehicles. The guest was wearing thick winter clothes with ski goggles.
   "Why hello there, I didn't hear you coming in," the girl said with a cute smile. "Looks quite empty here, where are all the other tanks?"
    "Wait a minute… didn't I meet you before?" Tanya asked on the defensive.
   The other woman chuckled and removed her goggles, she had emerald eyes.
   "Indeed. It looks like you've met my criteria. I'm here to make a deal with you."
   The broke woman felt something, like an electric shock in her brain that spread through her whole body, it was something she couldn’t understand but she clenched her fists and lunged towards the intruder to punch her. The emerald woman stepped aside to dodge the furious girl, then she ducked. She easily evaded the attacks of the commander until Tanya got exhausted, at which point she stopped to catch her breath.
    "You've got the stamina to last ten minutes, punching the air. That's cute but I don't need you for that. Now, sit down and listen to what I have to say." The mysterious woman said as she gently pushed Tanya to sit on a chair behind her.
   "Wait… where did that chair come from?" The commander said as she was panting.
   "I'm Brown, you're in my territory, here. Well, it was. I need your expertise to help me regain this territory."
    After regaining the ability to think straight, Tanya looked at the emerald lady and didn't hide her confusion. She asked to elaborate the request, which the mysterious woman did. The deal was to help her win back the lands.
   "Imagine that! Your own adventure! First you'll struggle a bit. But you'll meet people, you'll become friends, you'll find some cute boy who's actually got the same interest as yours. Of course at some point you're going to reconsider working for us because having to kill real people is unethical, but after a dire situation where your soulmate is held at gun point, you'll charge in, punch the enemy in the face and escape!" the emerald-eyed lady said with passion.
   Tanya gave her a is-that-so look before grunting.
   "You've got quite the imagination here, but I'm a loner, I don't make friends that easily. What you just said could be the summary of any dystopian teen-drama movie. I mean come on! But tell me, why me?"
   The lady clasped her hands with a big smile, showing shiny teeth.
   "You are a semi-professional tank commander, correct?" the woman asked to Tanya who nodded positively. "You've got this huge garage, right? And you're broke. So it's quite simple, let me rent your garage for my men and vehicles."
   "No. I know the likes of you. You pry on the weak to get what you want. You can't get what you want with only just money. Even if you're filthy rich, I won't go as low as being a dog of some random rich kid."
   "You're right, and it's illegal nonetheless. So how about working at one of my bars? Nothing sexual, just a regular bar staffed with only women and its regular customers are mostly my employees so it's pretty safe."
   Tanya stared at the lady to see if she was lying. She seemed genuine this time, so she accepted. Her salary was average but she didn't mind as she actually had a normal job. Although the facility where she worked was quite far from where she slept so she had to go by bus. A female passenger noticed her standing in the back and joined her. She looked like a studious student, she even had a black backpack.
   "Hey, you're new here? I've never seen you around," the girl said with an unfamiliar accent. "Name's Inu, by the way."
   The girl presented her hand and Tanya mechanically shook it.
   "Tanya. Actually I've lived here for quite some times now. I'm from the East side of the city."
   "So, you're THE Tanya. I knew I'd meet you here. You're heading to the Tres Irmas, right? I own the bar, so I'll show you around. Brown told me you were from a contract of indefinite duration but I hope you'll stay longer than a few weeks."
   "I… er… yes?" said a confused Tanya.
   "For now, the staff is small, so's the bar but once we get more money, we'll expand it. I'm counting on you! Also you'll meet my younger sister Cao in a few bus stops, she just finished classes."
   Tanya was a bit confused, but once she arrived in front of her new workplace, she regained her strength. Unfortunately the bus was crowded and the little sister didn't notice Inu nor Tanya, so they couldn't introduce themselves. They finally arrived at their destination, the place wasn't half bad, it was clean, it could host twenty customers with four tables with four chairs each, and four bar stools at the counter. Someone else was already there, another woman, older than the owner.
   "Irma! Good to see you! You're bar is doing ok so far, we've got a new employee too," said Inu as she walked to the older woman.
   "I can as soon as I heard that the Tres Irmas was finally getting the third Irma. Well, after your sister's death." Irma said before leaving.
   As the woman walked through the door, she looked at Tanya and grinned but the girl didn't notice. The owner introduced the new girl to Cao, Inu's little sister who looked quite mischievous at first glance.
   "Anyway, let's open the bar!" Inu said as she turned on a small sign which read OPEN on it.
   The customers came in small groups, usually men in their thirties. The building was two streets away from a small export center owned by the Order, a huge weapon company. Most of the regulars were still in their greyish jumpsuits.
   "Hello, what can I get you?" Tanya asked to the customer who came to the counter.
   "You're new? Anyway, I'd like four blond beers."
   "Right away, sir!"
   She took four glasses inside the counter and poured the beer, although she didn't serve the draft beer very well as she spilled some.
   "I… sorry!" The new employee said as she was quickly getting a towel.
   Cao came to her rescue and served another glass.
   "Sorry, Frank. It's her first day. I'll teach her the ropes on the go."
   "No problemo," The man said as he left the counter.
   Inu's sister showed Tanya how to serve properly as she served another client. As for the owner of the bar, she was near the sink and was already cleaning the dishes, she didn't talk much with the clients unlike her younger sister. Tanya went to pick up the glasses of the people who didn't return them when those were empty. She shyly smiled at some customers who watched her pick up the empty drinks.
   "What's your name, kiddo?" a man who was older than the average customer present at the moment asked to her.
   The man was forty seven years old and wore a jumpsuit with more pockets than the rest of the people on the bar. He even had three pens in the pocket over his heart.
   "Haha! Tanya, like that rival of Igor Voroshilov? My son's a fan of yours!"
   "I… er… thanks? But I'm no rival, I lost twenty times against him."
   "Kiddo, my son loves your performances. I don't know what you do, but if he says that you're Voroshilov's rival, it must mean something. Why don't you go see him? He's at the table over there," the man said, pointing the direction.
   With an eyebrow raised, the waitress went to see the man in question, picking up other empty glasses on her way.
   "Hum… can I take those away?"
   "Yeah, sure. Wait… Tanya?"
   "Oh my fucking god! Guys! This is Tanya the Lynx! What are you doing here?!"
   "I'm working here. And the Lynx? Who came up with that nickname?"
   "Me, you know the Lynx tank? You're like it. Small, fast, deadly and adorable!"
   The waitress blushed and tried to hide it by turning away. Cao called her back before she could reply to the man who was slightly older than her.
   "Yo, sis! Can you get to the reserve and get some ice?" Cao shouted.
   The bar closed early in the morning, Tanya helped mop the floor after someone knocked over a cup of coffee just before the end. Cao was already gone. Inu was cleaning the counter.
   "So, how was your first day? Say, do you like dogs?"
   "I… yes?"
   "Cool, what breed?" 
   "I don't know, why do you ask?"
   "Never mind. By the way, this is the usual day, begins same time, ends the same. We don't work during Sunday evening but during the morning and afternoon. If you have any question, you can phone us. Brown gave you our number, I think."
   Tanya smiled to herself, thinking of how nice the people were.
   “It’s nice, in this place you really feel alive.”

   "And you're dead! Woohoo!" Tanya screamed as she blew up the last enemy tank.
   She was still fighting against amateurs to have some spare money for food. Now that she had a job, she had a stable income with a monthly payment. On her way home, she saw Igor waiting in front of her garage. He was lying against the wall, his arms crossed. Tanya was disturbed to see him that nonchalant. When she approached him, he stood up to face her.
   "Dotch, my wife and I are going back home. Do you want to come with us? I know you're still broke and giving you money will only delay the inevitable, so we thought you might want to live with us in Moscow?"
   "That's really kind of you, but I found a steady job. And frankly, I don't speak Russian. And I don't like the cold."
   "As you wish, dotch. But remember that our door will always be open to you." Igor said as he was beginning to leave.
   "Wait! Why are you helping me? I'm not special, there are tons of other people who are stronger, better than me. And still, you focus on me, why?"
   The big Russian man stopped and turned to face Tanya.
   "You remind me of my son, well he isn't dead but you get the idea. And besides, my wife likes you."
   The man left. Tanya stared at his silhouette until he turned in a corner. The emerald lady was also waiting for the tank commander to enter the garage, this time she was escorted by a scarred young woman who looked like her. The girl had some sort of battle scar near mouth, like if she had been shot. She was armed with a telescopic baton with which she was whipping the air to extend the rod.
   "Took you long." the scar-faced girl said, glaring at Tanya. "Don't make Miss Brown waste her precious time."
   Emerald lady patted her  scar-faced assistant to ease her rudeness.
   "Don't mind her. So, you like your job?"
   "It was nice, I like it."
   "Good. Now it's the time where you ask what you owe me, right?"
   "Nothing's free. So, when are you going to fuck me up the butt?"
   The scar faced woman grinned and stepped forward, waving her baton in a circular way. Tanya moved back a bit, scowling at the emerald woman.
   "I want you to train my men to use tanks. You rub my back, I'll rub yours." Miss Brown said before leaving.
   "Wait! What about Scarface?"
   "Her? She said she wanted to talk with you. I told her to not injure you though." Emerald lady said as she walked through the door.
   Tanya turned toward Scarface who was grinning madly. 
   "I'll teach you what happens when you attack Miss Brown!"
   In the end, they both knocked out each other. When the garage owner regained consciousness, Scarface was sitting in front of her, holding an ice pack on her face and handing one to the tank commander who put it on her head, where she was hit.
   "Good fight! You're not bad. Name's Sophie and don't call me Scarface, I hate that movie."
   "Thanks? So you're Emerald Lady's guard?"
   "Nah… just another employee. Security guard in the day, demon of the dance floor  at night. By the way, I feel sorry for not implementing a good fight scene."
   Sophie got up and helped Tanya to stand up.
   "Never mind. Usually, I'd offer teaming up with you, but you already have the dog sisters. Don't tell them I called them like that or they'll chew me up."
   "Dog? I mean, I guess they really like dogs." Tanya said, rubbing her head.
   "Gotta go, can't stay here too long or I'll be more popular than you, I mean I already am!" Sophie said, running away never to be seen again.

   "Weird, girl…" Inu said, after hearing Tanya's story. "And 'the dog sisters' couldn't be more accurate. Our older sister's name was Perro, which means dog. Anyway, less talking, more working!"
   The same customers and the same drinks. Tanya quickly learned who liked what and anticipated most of the orders which gave her a bit more of time to talk with her fanboy who invited her back to his home after the closing. She accepted after a handful of compliments. After fifteen minutes, she had his dick in her mouth. She was willingly sucking his cock in his room as he still lived with his parents. He was sitting on his bed while she was kneeling in front of him. She wasn't very skilful but the fact that his idol was giving a head was enough to make him hard. She bobbed her head back and forth a few more times before getting filled with cum, she widened her eyes and pulled out his dick which had one last volley on face. The young man was in bliss and laid on the bed. The young woman coughed a bit before kissing him with her face still covered with cum. He shrieked and straightened quickly. Tanya laughed at him as she sat next to him.
   "Dude, next time you cum, tell me."
   "Right. Sorry, it's my first time." 
   "Really? But you're like… twenty-something."
   "Yeah, I'm just twenty…"
   "No worries. So, what does it feel, getting sucked by one of your favourite tank player?"
   "Unreal! And I'd never think I'd get this far with a girl too."
   "I'm feeling generous, let's take your V card since you've emptied your balls inside my throat. You'll last longer." Tanya said with a mischievous smile.
   She pushed him so he laid on the bed and she straddled herself on him, rubbing his dick to keep it hard. She asked if he had any condoms but he had none, she looked quite disappointed. She decided to put saliva in the tip of his cock and inserted it in her anus. The head of the penis entered slowly, but Tanya slipped and fell on him, thrusting her fanboy's shaft deep down her hole. She screamed and a tear of pain rolled down her eye. The boy came instantly, despite having almost no cum left.
   "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Not like this! Not like like!" she screamed, trying to get up but failing and falling harder on him.
   She finally managed to get up, his cock slipping out of her loose asshole and small drops of cum were leaking. It didn't go as planned, but at least she took his virginity. Tanya laid on the bed on her stomach as she couldn't sit due to the sore bottom.
   "That… was awkward…" she finally said.
   "I must be dreaming."
   "I can assure that you aren't, it's a huge pain in the ass."
   The fanboy looked at her widened asshole and grinned. He had to control himself not to slap her booty as she would have killed him. He took some tissues and cleaned his face, then the cum leaking from her bare ass.
   "By the way, what's your name?"
   "Lukas. Tanya, I'd love to do that again though."
   "As long as it isn't in the ass, I'll see."
   She got up and got dressed. The young man took the time to burn the image of his idol's ass in his memory. He walked her to the front door since she didn't want to stay for the night. She called a taxi to pick her up but when they arrived at the destination, she remembered that she didn't have much money on her. The taxi man was about to call the police but stopped when he saw a tall white man knocking at the window with the muzzle of a gun. Tanya quickly recognised Nash, a fellow tank commander who was mainly using tank hunters. The big man paid for her and asked her to follow him in her own garage. She obeyed while being thankful and fearful since he had a gun. He locked the door behind them.
   "H-hey, N-Nash!" she said nervously. "H-how you doing?"
   "It's fucking three in the morning, so not good." Nash said as he sat on a wooden crate.
   "Oh! W-well, maybe you'd like a cup of coffee?" Tanya said as she hurriedly went to the coffee machine, which had only one cup and one last coffee filter.
   "Don't bother. You're lucky you work for Brown, otherwise you've be at the police station."
   "How do you know?!"
   "I work for her too, I'm one of her mercenaries."
   "Wait… you're a tank commander too, how come she hasn't asked you to train her men?"
   "You're broke, you need money, she needs a trainer. Killing two birds with one stone."
   "So… I guess you wouldn't mind staying for the night?"
   Nash sighed and accepted. She prepared another bed with the remaining wooden planks and crafted a mattress with what she could find. She fell asleep halfway through the making of the bed and Nash put her on her bed and fell asleep, sitting next to the bed and turned towards her. When Tanya opened her eyes, she saw a big slab of meat looking at her. The mercenary's dick was stiff and at the level of her face. She looked at his face, but he was still asleep.
   "Nash?" she whispered.
   He didn't respond. Out of curiosity, she poked the staff which twitched. She poked a few more times before taking it in her hand. She could feel it pulsating. She looked at Nash's face to see if he reacted. Seeing no reaction except the hardening of the shaft, she squeezed it a bit. She carefully got it out of his pants and contemplated the meat.
   "So… big…" she whispered.
   The fanboy's cock was half the size of the dick she had in hand. She brought her head closer and smelled the meat, touching it with her nose and lips. She was so fascinated by its unusual length that she rubbed it against her face. The action of manipulating it aroused her, she took it with both hands and began experimenting things with it. Stroking it, licking it, kissing it, slapping her face with it brought a satisfied smile on her face which quickly faded when she met his gaze. She awkwardly stared back at him, her face hidden against the dick.
   "G-good morning?"
   She stroked it a bit and he closed his eyes.
   "Good morning."
   "S-slept well?" she asked, still stroking the shaft.
   "Yeah, too short tho. How about you let go of my dick?" he said, opening his eyes afterward.
   She reluctantly let go of his cock. She was moist from playing with it and wanted to do more than just taking it in her hands. She sat in front of him and stared at his crotch which was still out in the open.
   "Can I?"
   "Do I look like someone who loves being molested during sleep?"
   "How about I let you play with my crotch too?" she said, laying back and spreading her legs.
   Her trousers were wet in the area between the legs. The cock sprung hard, the man turned away.
   "Dude, do you know why I was late? It's because I was giving a head to a fanboy. How about you get a taste of your opponent's hot puss?"
   After a quick glance at the merchandise, Nash decided to take opportunity and took off Tanya's trousers and panties before entering her with one powerful thrust. She gasped as his tip touched the back of her cave. The man proceeded in doing long and powerful strokes, hitting her harder and harder. The girl grunted every time his balls slapped her pussy but soon the grunts became moans. With each stroke, she twitched and threw her legs in the air. He grabbed them and kept them over his shoulders as he relentlessly pounded her cunt. The woman wanted to tell him to slow down but she couldn't phrase it, instead she spoke gibberish as her tongue was sticking out. She was drooling with her eyes rolled back. Nash let go of her legs and leaned forward to take her tongue in his mouth, he licked it with his. The fact that her tongue was being sucked pushed her over the edge, she orgasmed loudly. He stopped to let her breath as her body was violently shaking, her muscles contracted around his manhood. As soon as she recovered, he turned her on her stomach, his dick still inside of her and continued pounding her mercilessly. He grabbed her hair and gently pulled her head towards him. She didn't seem to be bothered by being handled like a bitch on a leash, instead, she told him how much she loved being fucked although it wasn't very understandable, Nash only heard moans.
   "What the fuck are you doing?" a masculine voice behind them said.
   The mercenary was so surprised that he came inside Tanya's wet pussy. He quickly grabbed his rifle and turned to the intruder. The woman was laying on the bed, semi-unconscious and with her bare cunt which was loose with cum flooding out of it.
   "Who're you?!" Nash barked at the man who interrupted his fuck.
   "Woah dude! I'm her brother. Stepbrother."
   "Never heard of you."
   The so-called stepbrother looked at Tanya's ass.
   "Fine, I'm her cousin Tom. You know, the guy who tried to sleep with her sister."
   "Oh fuck! Tom?! I didn't recognise you. Wait… stepbrother? You finally slept with her sister?" Nash said as he lowered his weapon.
   "Yup, even we even did a sex tape. Anyway, what the fuck have you done with her?" Tom said, pointing at the woman's loose cunt.
   "We fucked."
   "Yeah, I heard. Seems like they're screamers in their family. So, I have this package for Tanya. I don't know what's in the box but it's weights a lot. It's from her sister, by the way."
   Tanya twitched before getting up in a small jump. She looked around frantically after wiping the drool with the back of her hand. Her holes were still a bit loose. She noticed her cousin, then the box.
   "Oh god! It finally arrived! Gimme that box, cousin!" she said as she hurriedly walked towards Tom.
    She took it out of his hands and opened it. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she pulled out a black uniform, there were more of it in the box. She was so happy that she spoke German, though with a bad accent and bad grammar. She was as German as a bottle of Fanta. She kicked the men out just to try out her new costume, her new uniform of tank commander. It was composed of a double-breast jacket and a woolly pair of trousers, the black sidecap, also known as field service cap, had an eagle at the front. If she wore the uniform while controlling her android, the puppet would wear it as it was in the norms to be replicated. Tanya thought it was better than the default NATO uniform which looked bland. After carefully folding the clothes, she went to the next battle, changing her attire before going in her capsule. 

   The armoured vehicles moved like a herd, they drove as fast as they could to get to the top of the hill. The woman knew it was a beginner's error to do that, so she went to a small swamp with big rocks in it. She knew that the hill was a death trap as both teams often battled for the higher ground which didn't really gave much of an advantage but she also knew that going in the forest was the second option to flank the enemy. The battle was already planned for the tank commander who waited for her allies to encounter the opponents, after having the confirmation on the number of enemies, she moved behind a rock, poked her barrel behind it, aimed and fired. She hit the enemy's ammo rack which exploded. She moved back to cover until she reloaded, the proceeded to pick the enemy team members one by one but when she didn't one-shot them, another ally took the kill from her. She cringed every time she missed a vital spot of an enemy as she didn't like losing nor getting her kills stolen by someone else. In the end, she drove to the last enemy tank and rammed it. As she hit the vehicle, she fired on it, making sure it would be destroyed by her.
   "Fuck yeah! Ten outta twenty! Gotta love then bigger battles!"
   "Whatever, here's half of the reward." The man behind the counter said before giving her the money. "Also, my offer is still valid."
   "You're such a Dick, you know that?" Tanya said as she took the prize. 
   He held her wrist and gave her a serious look. She knew that he didn't like being called by his first name and even more when was as an insult.
   "Tanya, next time you come here, you'll get the quarter of it. And it'll be more than cock sucking to get the full reward."
   She tried to pull back her arm but he held her tight, she quickly realised that he was stronger than she expected, from a thin man. She winced at the idea of him getting inside of her. He let her go as she was pulling herself with the other arm, she tripped and fell upside down a couch. The few commanders chuckled at her before leaving. She flushed at the slight humiliation.
   "Fuck you! I'll never come again!" she said as she ran away.
   Once in her garage, she sat against the door and began to cry. After taking a shower to clear her mind, she heard someone knocking on the door. She quickly put some clothes on before going to the entrance.
   "Who's here?" she asked loud enough.
   "FBI! Open the door!" shouted a familiar voice, "Just kidding, open the door. I'd like to introduce you to your first trainees."
   Tanya unlocked the door and let the emerald lady and the trainees come in. One of them was carrying a heavy crate that he dropped where her boss told her to. The same person opened it and pulled out some folding chairs and some unknown material.
   "You might have guessed, but today's the first teaching day. The class will be during the afternoon on weekdays and will take around two hours but you can extend it if necessary. By the way, these are some new recruits. They're from different origins. They have different culture, religion and their socioeconomic background is… well, different. They've all worked for me before, so I trust that they won't try to hurt you." Miss Brown said, showing them with her hand.
   "You are a horrible person, you know?"
   "You could say I'm full of shit. But everyone is. I like you, you're different from most of my employees. I won't force you to like me, it's impossible to do so. All I want, is my employees' happiness. You know what? One of these days, I'll come by and we'll talk honestly."
   "Sure. Now, what do you want me to teach them?"
   "First thing first, the basics. Then you'll move to tactics and then it's your choice."
   "Good girl. I'll send you some material to help you teach. Like, a whiteboard and some felt. If you need more, call me and I'll provide."
   Tanya gauged her employer before moving on. The tank commander had no idea what where the basically basics so she asked her pupils what they knew about tanks. Most of them gave a semblance of a definition, some were pretty vague about the whole idea of what was a tank. She facepalmed.
   "Alright, noobs! A tank is an armoured vehicle. It's going to be your new home, your place for confessing. It's going to be your weapon. It's going to be you're life saviour or your coffin. Now, are you prepared to die? Are you prepared to kill?"
   Caught off guard, they replied negatively. Tanya pointed at her beginner tank.
   "This is a tank. It's the shittiest tank you could ever meet. But it can destroy and kill. You'll learn how to drive, reload and shoot in that shit. I'll introduce you to the main parts of this shitty deathbringer."
    Tanya explained what piece was used for, then explained the different types of ammunition. After two hours, she had explained most of the basic information. She had a long way to go. Before they left, she looked into the crate and found books with what she explained. She gave them one for each recruit and asked them to read it thoroughly for the next day and prepare questions. When they left, she walked to her destroyed heavy tank. She touched the burned armour and petted it. That was her dream tank. Her goal in life was to own it and to drive it. She had sacrificed so much to get it. She started by selling half of her ammo, then half of her tanks, then all of the tanks and finally, her house just to squeeze enough money to buy that heavy tank, the Leopard which was a modern vehicle which could rival the M1 Abrams. Tanya wiped her hand on the trousers and smelled something familiar, it was oil and ashes. 

   "Abrams in sight! They're driving toward us!" a male voice said.
   "Sir! I don't think this is a good idea! They vastly outnumber us! We must retreat!" Tanya said to the figure next to her as she was holding a shell.
   "We can't. The reinforcements will take four hours to get here. We must delay them at all cost. The civilians' safety is our primary objective." the figure next to the reloader said.
   "Deploying smoke! Move us behind that house."
   "They've got infantry support and they're going for our men!"
   "Suppressing fire! Tell Schreiber to move his men out!"
   "Sir! They've got RPGs!"
   "Deal with them ASAP! We can't waste our passive defences on infantry, we've got armours on our way!"
   "Shit! They've destroyed our machine gun! Our men are getting killed!"
   "If we move out of our cover, their tanks will aim at us." Tanya said.
   "Damn it! We've ran out of passive defence, we can't take another hit without getting our armour damaged!"
   "Argh! They shot at us! Our track has been damaged, we can't move out!"
   "Sir… their armour flanked us…" Tanya said.
   "We'll take as many as we can! Let's take them down Tanya!"
   "Oh my god! How did they manage to penetrate?! Reinhard, you ok? Reinhard?!"
   "Now we're completely immobilised. Keep on fighti-!"
   "The commander's dead!"
   Tanya was covered with the commander's blood and entrails. She looked at her hands, she was shivering. She screamed before another shell exploded the ammo rack, the blast was partially contained as the door was not completely closed. She landed at the bottom of the tank. Her vision was blurry, her breath was heavy and her ears were ringing. She touched her back and saw blood as she watched her hands. The gunner had her right arm ripped off, she was lying on her chair, holding her wound and screaming of agony. 
   Another shell destroyed the turret, the upper body of the turret operator was shredded. Tanya opened the escape hatch under the tank and dug herself under the sand. She closed her eyes and covered her head with her hands. She heard footsteps, someone throwing a grenade inside the tank, the detonation. The enemy moved past her. She was praying that they wouldn't find her. The words of her tank commander were still resonating in her head but she was too scared to accomplish her mission. She never thought she would have to fight people nor fighting outside the tank. She was trembling with fear of getting killed. Then something hit her, someone had launched a grenade under the vehicle. She quickly crawled out of her hiding spot, she escaped the explosion and ran as fast as possible before tripping on the corpse of an ally infantryman. She looked around and saw that there was some enemies left, they were patrolling the area to find any survivors but some of them were picking up the weapons on the corpses.
   "The hell, Gonzales? Why did you throw that grenade?!"
   "We're never too sure. If someone was hiding under that thing, they'd be dead by now."
   "Fucking idiot, don't waste our ammo like that. And what if they escaped? God damn it… People, there might be some survivors. That explosion must have woken up the dead."
   Tanya closed her eyes and laid on the ground as she tried to stop shaking. Someone walked next to her and pushed her on her back with the foot. That person searched her body to find something of value on her. 
   "God! Why do these guys have nothing important on them! Like, administrative documents, plans. That kind of shit. But no! All they have are shit." the person said.
   "You should be glad that we're in the back. Liberating a hostile village isn't my thing." another person said.
   "Ugh! That soldier is so bloody! What the hell! Wait… that's no soldier!"
   Someone ran to the person who spoke. Tanya heard the other individual verifying that the rifle was loaded. She discreetly gulped.
   "What do you mean? Officer?"
   "No, crew member. The only thing he could have manned would be that destroyed tank. Yo! Check out the wreckage! This corpse is odd."
   The person shot her arm.

   Tanya came back to the present, she rubbed her left arm. She shook her head and went to take the bus for work. During the shift, she spent a moment with her fanboy who looked embarrassed every time she turned her back to him. She often caught Inu staring at her with concern. After the first two hours, Cao called the tank commander.
   "Seems like my sister smelled your anxiety. We'll all talk after the closing." the teen said as she was serving two glasses of beer.
   "I… is it mandatory?"
   "Team bonding, it's preferable if you stay."
   "Sure, I don't want to lose this job."
   Inu looked more concerned than the last time and Tanya got even more anxious, so much that she jumped when a customer touched her shoulder as he was calling for her. She apologized and served the client as best as she could in her state. Cao saw that she was struggling and helped her as much as she could, but the teen couldn't prevent Tanya from bumping into a new customer who just entered the bar. The troubled woman spilled beer on the man who looked annoyed.
   "Oh! Terribly sorry!" she said as she tried to clean her mess.
   The bar went silent as everyone stared at the newcomer, a big tall man dressed in all black with a big scar on the face. The only noise was Tanya trying to scrub the floor. When she realised that there was no sound, she raised her head.
   "I… would you like something to drink?" she clumsily asked.
   The big man pulled out a rifle and aimed for Inu who was standing in the back. Everything froze in motion and the tank commander saw the bar owner ducking behind the counter while some customers crouched as they were reaching for their pistols but most of them were running away. Cao dropped her serving plate to grab her cellphone. Tanya stood up to grab the rifle and push it upward so it wouldn't hit anyone, she screamed in the process. Inu popped from behind the bar with a hunting rifle, she aimed for the head and shot. Cao had already called reinforcement and soon enough a van with armed men entered the bar but the situation was already under control. The unknown aggressor was already dead, Miss Brown arrived a moment later in a police car. She talked with the bar owner then with the policemen who were in the car. She arranged everything so there would be no repercussion for her people and the corpse was quickly taken care by the reinforcements who put it in a bag before putting it in the van.
   "You're all okay? Sanchez, your heart disease didn't get worse because of that? Arthur? Where's Arthur?!"
   "He didn't come by, miss. Don't worry about him."
   Suddenly all lights went off in both the bar and the streets. Tanya could only see the Emerald Lady's eyes which seemed to be glowing in the dark.
   "Looks like the timing was off," the employer said, a bit annoyed. "Alright people, be careful on your way home. Tanya, you'll come home with me."
   The tank instructor looked puzzled but was glad that it was dark so no one would notice it. After a couple of minutes, the power went back on but the customers decided to leave earlier. The Tres Irmas was still open, some regulars who didn't work for Brown came without knowing what happened earlier.
   "Hey, miss. How come it's so empty?" a customer asked as Tanya served the drinks.
   "There was a power shortage so they left when the lights went off." the Emerald Lady explained as she was drinking a glass of water.
   Emma closed the door of the car when Tanya sat on the passenger seat, she then drove off. The tank commander quickly noticed that the driver had no intention to go to the employee's garage, instead they were leaving the city and were heading to what looked like a mansion in the middle of the land.
   "So, Tanya Schuldner, looks like we'll finally have our little talk session. Ask me whatever you want, I'll answer everything until we arrive. Which means in… half an hour."
   "Why only now?"
   "Because it'd be too easy. Now shoot your questions." Brown said as she was slowing down to take a sharp turn.
   "Why are you helping me?"
   "There were two people who were indebted to a big lord. One only had to give ten silver coins while the other one had to give hundreds of silvers. The lord felt generous and decided that these two people didn't have to reimburse him. Now, who was the most relieved in this story?"
   "The one who had a huge debt. That means me. So you do use the vulnerability of people to get what you want!" said an angry Tanya.
   "Is it easier to help a person that has nothing or a person that has everything?"
   "You're not answering, Emerald Lady." the girl said, a bit annoyed.
   "I like to help people and the most vulnerable ones are the ones who will be more likely to accept it. It's a win-win situation."
   "But you only help those who can help you back, right?"
   The boss seemed impassive.
   "I can't prevent world hunger by myself, nor is it my job."
   "What about these armed people?" the employee asked, imitating a gun with her fingers.
   "They work for me. They are what you can call mercenaries. They're my private military company, they're the best of the paramilitary force of this time."
   Her mercenaries were dangerous as they were deployed on every continent and every country and they could be activated at any moment, meaning they could strike anywhere at any time. Most of them were deep sleep agents who had jobs and families.
   "Why do you have them? If your main goal is to help, why use violence? You sound like a wise lady, so why resorting to violence?"
   "Would rather be a warrior in a garden or a gardener in a battlefield? And besides, the human race is violent by nature. I need security for my enterprise and my people. But you're right, the true victory is not won with war but with words." 
   "Are you trying to get me to like you?"
   "Face it, you like me a little. I'm like alcohol, I bring a bit of warmth inside."
   "But too much and it becomes toxic, you're a legalised poison."
   "Hah! But the air we breathe is poison. And besides, any sensible person wouldn't overuse alcohol. Would you, on your own volition, intoxicate yourself? You'd do that only if you were feeling real bad."
   Tanya stayed silent for a few minutes, looking at the window, before turning to the driver. The emerald lady was focusing on the road but sensed the gaze of her passenger.
   "Have you been watching me? The Deus ex Machina is too strong."
   "I'm no god, nor goddess. Although knowledge is power, but money is also power. Money brings knowledge then power. The virtuous circle can't be broken once you did it a few times."
   "How many times have you done this, then?"
   "Too much to count, honestly. Say, do you believe in God?"
   "As much as everybody else." Tanya replied without much faith.
   "God is known to be omnipotent and omnipresent, to be kind and such. Who do you think does a better job?"
   "Neither. But if you imply that you aim to become a goddess, I'd piss myself from laughing. Although, I see what you meant. You know a lot and you're almost everywhere, due to your influence. In a way, what you're doing is godlike. So, that means that you have been watching me, but not specifically."
   Miss Brown grinned, her eyes looked sharp. Tanya felt a tingling sensation in her chest, something she couldn't identify nor describe. She rubbed her forearms to make the sensation go away.
   "Are you lesbian?"
   The employer didn't hide her surprise, which made her look human.
   "Does it matter? On a practical side, I'm telling myself that I'm bisexual. But to be honest, I have no sex drive. You got me on this one."
   "Does that mean you don't have sex?"
   "I don't rely on sex to have pleasure, if that's what you mean. I don't need a big rod and a moist slit to have happiness. You're lucky I said I'd answer anything, but still. You don't ask people's sex life like that!"
   "You're right. So, where are we going?"
   "To a mansion, mine. After what happened, I feel like it's better to have you near me. You're moving in and you can't refuse, nor will you after we arrived. Your belongings are already being transferred there. Your lessons will be given there."
   "And I'll be scouring the toilets with my toothbrush."
   "Sassy girl. No, except if you want to."
   "What's the downside, then?"
   "You'll have to clean my love scar with your tongue."
   "What?!" screamed a shocked Tanya, already imagining herself on her knees while sucking her boss' clit.
   "I'm joking. Obviously the downside is that you'll need a transport vehicle to get to the city. Which means that you'll waste a bit of time on the road. And you'll have a schedule for breakfast, dinner and supper, but if you don't eat there, you'll have to tell. The biggest downside might be seeing me quite often, although I'm sure you'll get used to that."
   "Funny girl."
   "Thank you, I'm showcased every Friday at 7pm. On a serious note. We'll arrive soon. Anymore question before I stop answering them?"
   "Will there be any more Q&A sessions?"
   "Who knows."
   "Why tanks?"
   "My men are mainly paramilitary mercenaries, they have no experience in armour warfare. Josette actually gave me the idea after a failed mission behind enemy lines. Sadly, she was killed in action. That's why I'm relying on you."
   "Why tanks?" she insisted.
   "Tanks are different from wheeled vehicles, you need a specialisation. For aerial transports I use private companies or already specialised pilots. Also, I'm working on building tanks, so your opinion will help during tests."
   "That's great… but I'm more into fighting battles and all. I'm not really into administrative things."
   "I'll make a TS tank series."
   "Count me in! Oh! Having an armoured vehicle named after me!"
   The last few questions were more about the tank commander's assignment. When they arrived, they were greeted by a slender moustached man wearing a red pair of trousers and a blue coat.
   "Madam, everything has been done as you asked. I will take my leave this morning and Wright Emma will take my place."
   "Wasn't Mucama Maria supposed to replace you?"
   "She's… not well. She hasn't slept for a week."
   "Right, she's like that. By the way, Lafesse Jean-Luc, meet Schuldner Tanya. Tanya, Jean-Luc."
   The man shook the new girl's hand while giving her a welcoming smile.
   "I like your uniform." Tanya said.
   "Why, merci! I'll show you your room, please follow me."
   The woman followed him, admiring his uniform. The man noticed her when she was staring at his buttock, though he didn't say a word. Although he decided to visit her later, before leaving the mansion. 
   Jean-Luc was Brown's aide in the mansion, he often took care of problems before his employer knew about them, or that's what he would like to think. He was a proud of his French lineage and often showed his origins by wearing clothes that reminded the glorious days of France even though his country had been subjugated by the early Federation's army which were composed of Eastern European countries. 

   An hour later, Jean-Luc knocked on Tanya's door, he didn't hear any answer but a bit of music in a language he knew but couldn't understand. It's when he heard someone scream the name Erika that he rushed in, finding an inebriated tank commander dancing and singing with a bottle of beer in her hand. He quickly noticed the black tank uniform, the woman stopped in her movement when she heard the door being slammed open.
   "What the fuck are you doing?!" both said.
   "I've had a rough day!" Tanya said while drinking from bottle. 
   "I see, I noticed that you like uniforms."
   "Fuck yeah! You like mine?"
   The woman spun around to give a good look. Jean-Luc nodded and walked closer, she stared at him not understand what was going on.
   "You've got a killer ass in those, can I see it up close?"
   "You bet my ass you can!" Tanya said, jumping on the bed and getting on all four.
   The instructor didn't see the growing bulge in the man's pants. Lafesse buried his face in her ass, rubbing her cheeks and her crotch. She shivered and turned her head to see boner in the blue trousers.
   "Wanna taste it too? Just kid-" the woman said before getting her ass uncovered.
   Jean-Luc fingered her pussy with a finger before adding another finger. Tanya was so surprised by the pleasant sensation that her arms dropped. With only her ass up, the man had a better view of her genitalia. He put a finger in her ass, she squeaked but didn't get up. 
   "Damn, you've got one hell of an ass, mind if I get in?"
   "Do ass if you wish!"
   "I'll take that as a yes. Lafesse coming in!" He said as he put some lube on his rod before ramming in.
   "Oh gott!"
   His balls slammed against Tanya's wet slit made her leaking some love juice. Jean-Luc stroked her a few times, having her screaming for god each time his semen bag hit her skin. The man stopped, pulled out his rod and slapped her ass with it.
   "Want more?"
   "Don't make me beg." the woman said with disdain. 
   "Haha. I'm gonna make you my cocksleeve for the night."
   Jean-Luc got back in her asshole, he grabbed her by the leg and straightened her up before fucking her while standing. He made her jump on his dick like there was no tomorrow, her screams of pleasure were less and less loud as her throat was getting sore from all her vocal performance. When the man began to pant, he decided to put her on the bed and catch his breath. 
   "Damn, you're loose enough for me to slide easily!"
   "People really like my ass." Tanya replied, wiping the sweat on her body with a piece of cloth.
   "What are you?"
   "I'm no buttslut, I just happen to have been fucked recently."
   "I didn't come so far... could you help me?"
   "If it's about sucking you, no. It's been in my ass. Well, maybe you needn't any lube? I'm not done until you've emptied yourself!" She said before pulling him on the bed.
   She straddled Jean-Luc and as she was facing him, she inserted his manhood in her backdoor and began working on him. She bopped her ass, twirled around and grinned on him to make him cum faster. The man was tightly holding the sheets as he was overwhelmed with this new sensation, he was the one moaning and he raised his hips as the climax was close. Tanya was surprised to get lifted so suddenly that she gasped and came on him.
   "Oh god!" she said as she was furiously rubbing her clit while cumming.
   "Oh fuck!"
   Being covered in the woman's juice made his cock erupt like a volcano, the sensation of her ass being filled was too much for Tanya who screamed before passing on top Jean-Luc who quickly fell asleep, his dick still inside the woman.

   Maria Mucama was the maid of the mansion. Even if there were people who took the role of Brown's assistant she was considered as the mansion's spirit. She often carried a Spanish maid uniform composed of a black shirt and a white skirt although she carried a utility belt and a ranger backpack with the logo of the early Federation's icon.
   When the first lights of the morning sun came from the horizon, she was already awake and ready to do her chores, starting with waking the tank instructor for a morning briefing at the dinner room. She knocked at the door a couple of times and waited for an answer. After waiting for ten minutes, the Spanish woman entered to find the guest sleeping on top of Jean-Luc whose dick was inside the girl's asshole. There were woman juice all over the bed sheets and clothes laying here and there. The maid picked these and folded them properly before opening the curtains.
   "Time to wake up, another journey will begin." she quietly said.
   Seeing no reaction, she decided shake the sleeping people before slapping the woman's bottom cheek which made a loud noise and a bit of giggle, making the flabby rod come out of the sleeve where it resided a minute ago. The serving lady regretted her decision when she noticed cum oozing out of the anus.
   "Slut." Maria firmly said before raising her hand for another slap.
   "I'm no slut!" Tanya screamed as she jumped on her feet.
   "Good morning, Miss Schuldner. Miss Wright will meet you at the dinner room. Please get dressed and follow me."
   "Sure, just give me a moment."
   "As you wish."
   The tank commander picked some clothes in the wardrobe, the maid helped her wearing them without the guest noticing it. Maria lead Tanya to the location, then stood behind Emma Wright who was already eating her breakfast. The maid seemed frozen, looking straight in front of her without budging an inch even her breast didn't move as she was breathing quietly.

   Emma Wright was Brown's lawyer more precisely, the lawyer of the company and the employees. The woman had already half a century behind her but her shining health made her look slightly younger than she was, she already had grandchildren and most of her family was living in Florida. The lawyer woman was donning a grey dress with a red tie with the logo of Brown's company.
   "Good morning, my name is Emma Wright, I will be your lawyer for the time you work for us." 
   "Good morning, I'm Tanya Schuldner. Should we discuss about something?"
   The grandmother put down the cutlery and wiped her mouth with a tissue.
   "Since you're in our good care, I will have your back if there's any problem. Althou

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  Sex pose poll 2Q 2019 - Public sex
Posted by: Overfiend - 03-30-2019, 04:34 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (58)

Welcome to the Discovery Channel!

Here you can see every manner of sex in the wild & natural habitat.  When these creatures are in heat there is no shame and no holes barred. They want it right now and right here, wherever here is.  Even in public.  This poll will find out where is your favorite place to mate in the wide open spaces.  Pick 2 of your favorite public sex locations that you want added to the game next.  This poll will be open for only 30 days.  Please share this poll with your friends & post it on your favorite social media platform (i.e. Twitter or Facebook).  The more votes the better.  Enjoy!

2. Couch / bench / chair sex (Red Heat, house/apt/hotel lobby) 
3. Beach / Waterfall Sex (lagoon / waterfall)
4. Prison sex (Southern MNF)  
5. Train/Ambulance/Suburbs car / Vechicle sex (Red heat, Southern MNF or Suburbs)
6. Against a Tree / Rock / grass field / nature sex (any tree but maybe the Petnis forest or sacred mountain)
7. Alley way / Stairway sex (mnf alley or anywhere there is stairs) 
8. Dining table / kitchen counter  (House/apartment/saloon) 
9. Elevator sex (Metropolis Hotel MNF) 
10. Office Desk / Classroom sex (apt or new University location )

Reminder this poll provides feedback to the Devs regarding the demand for sex poses. It does not guarantee that the winner will be added to the game. If the Devs decide to add any pose to the game, it may take several months to update.  

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  Overfiend's FFM & FFFM Orgy Poses
Posted by: Overfiend - 03-30-2019, 12:43 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (29)

Hello all,

Welcome to my all time favorite orgy thread dedicated to FFM & FFFM sex poses.  A woman is the most beautiful creation in the universe.  Two women is masterpiece. But three women is heaven.  Let's share those glorious 2 girl threesomes and 3girl reverse gangbang poses.  Who know maybe there's one perfectly fit to update in the game

FFM poses
1. Double Blowjob
2. Scissors on cock
3. Oral exchange - he licks a girl with the other sucks his cock
4. Busy girl in the middle
   3a. girl in the middle licks pussy while she gets fucked
   3b. the Assistant - girl gets fucked while the other girl licks her pussy and sucks his cock
5. Busy guy in the middle
   4a. FFM pyramid - guy on the bottom with 1 girl face sitting and the other riding his cock
   4b. FFM multitasker - guy on top fucking 1 girl & licking/fingering the other at same time
   4c. FFM 4-hole course - girls line their pussies & asses on top of each other and he picks his hole to fuck

1. Triple blowjob - i prefer to see their curves & tits in doggy not just 3 heads
2. Oral exchange - he licks while getting sucked by a girl getting licked
3. Busy guy in the middle - 
    3a. he fucks, licks and fingers at the same time
    3b. Line fucking - he fucks one in the middle of the line while fingering the other two. This could be doggy, missionary, side laying or girl on top
4. Busy girl in the middle 
    4a. she gets fucks and licks at the same time while also getting licked & fingered by the 3rd girl
    4b.. the Assistants - gets fucked while the other girls lick her tits, finger her clit & ass, lick her pussy & suck his cock
5. Busy Lesbians on the side watch & wait to get fucked
   5a. 1 girl gets fucked while the other 2 girls lick each other
   5b. 1 girl gets fucked while the other 2 double dildo
   5c. 1 girl gets fucked while the other 2 strap-on fuck each other
   5d. 1 girl gets fucked while the other 2 scissor each other

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  Back after a long hiatus
Posted by: DarkFutaQueen - 03-12-2019, 02:33 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (13)

Been gone for a year or so and thought I would come back to check on this game.

Same crap, lazy poses every 3 months or so, random QoL 'fix' every 6 months or so, and unashamed cash grabs in between. Paying IRL money for sex XP? Damn... thats just terrible.

I wish the devs read this forum so they could see that some of us recognize their greed. I used to be a die-hard fan and hoped after giving it a break things would get better. Oh well, they will keep making a new MNF Game every 2 weeks and pretending to care about their Club players until the game eventually (and depressingly) finally dies.

Hoping someone comes along and does a browser sex mmo right, because that's all it would take to put the final nail in this dumpster fire.

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  Happy International Women's Day 2019!
Posted by: JCF - 03-08-2019, 08:51 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

[Image: LinkedIn-International-Womens-Day.png]

Women are pretty damn awesome. And today is most certainly a good day to reinforce that.

To all the women out there, no matter who or where you are, take time to be proud of what you've accomplished and remember that you deserve respect -- and don't be afraid to remind anyone who'd take that from you. That includes in-game as well. Even if you're here on this island as an orc's cum-addicted slave, you deserve that recognition in whatever way you prefer.

And to everyone else, whether it's your mother, your daughter, your girlfriend, your wife, or even your slave or mistress, take some time to recognize the women in your life who matter the most to you. Here in particular, it's worth remembering that even if you're the baddest-ass bitchbreaker with a dick the size of a fire rescue ladder, the women here who do submit do it because they want to. Grant them that recognition and be grateful for your connection, no matter what it is.

In short, women are people. People deserve respect. Remember that no matter who you are. And again, Happy International Women's Day. Smile

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Posted by: Lady_Alexa - 03-02-2019, 12:31 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (2)

Recently someone made me aware of a link to a fake MnFClub site.  Which I investigated, and reported to a few Mods I am friends with.  Unfortunately for me, so after someone was able to login into my account, and transfer all my funds out.  But luckily for me, BOLD EAGLE caught them, so I got my money back.

Problem for me, there is no option in game to change your password.  I had to contact MnF Support to request my password be changed.  So now I got a password, which I will never remember.

So I would like to propose that this be changed, we need an easier way for a player to change their password..

(01-26-2018, 01:48 PM)Emmie Wrote: Yeah, I feel like there should be a form for changing password and name.

And a moderator or such just clicks accept or decline on it.

Decline incase a name is taken.
This quote was taken from an in-game chat I had with Emmie.

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Posted by: Lady_Alexa - 02-24-2019, 08:46 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (5)

Considering one group of players are doing spamming attacks on the MnF Servers... aks MansonFamily

Maybe it would be a good idea if there was a cool down period in all public locations, to reduce spamming

Room chat is okay, as Host can kick a spammer

2 second delay in public chat, makes it harder to spam

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