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  mass effect or pirates rp
Posted by: subgirl25 - Today, 12:56 AM - Forum: RP - No Replies

i want to start a mass effect or pirates rp i have a few ideas already in my mind let me know if anyone is interested in them

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Question The game is flashing constantly
Posted by: Manx814 - 09-14-2020, 07:49 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - No Replies

Hello!. I got a new computer because old one its broken... So i start with this new one, and after test it so i can know if works good (a couple of days or more). I come back to MNF Club, but!, when i enter first time, in the main web pressing the "play in browser", i get the screen purple and cannot do nothing, the explorer its even are not loading, i try again and its the same... So i install adobe flash player and it works, BUT!!!, when i just click on one of the mail (ingame) from other player, i get the screen flashing, i still can see the game, but are constantly flashing like if i are blinking really-really fast. I know this need adobe flash for working or some kind of that, but not sure if need something more.

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  Outfits for Males
Posted by: PinkDaddy - 08-19-2020, 07:27 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hey guys, I think the guys here need a little more variety in their wardrobe. You guys agree? What are some of your ideas? Here's a list of mine. 
>Wizard Robe
>Monster outfits along with a hat (demons, elves, orcs, goblins)
>Anime/Comic book themed characters, I'm not even going to give examples because there are so many
>Animal themed outfits like, maybe a onesie or something???


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  Renting beach chairs
Posted by: blahbitty - 07-21-2020, 08:44 AM - Forum: RP - No Replies

Come one, come all; and not like that... yeah, don't ruin my Holy Beach Chairs.

Cactus Brand Beach Chairs are offered for a limited time of when I show up till when I get bored.
Chairs come with mountain dew and Doritos. Normal mountain dew...not that awful swill halo players got or whatever...and nacho cheese not that vinegar and feet flavored "cool ranch" ...or any of those new fangled flavors.

The chairs are offered at the reasonable price of some amount I make up that is low.

;3 come on by and say "you sent me to you via your divine Cactus Plan" 

I'll leave a complimentary* towel out for you.

*not free, give me lots of money.

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Question What's breeding RP?.
Posted by: Manx814 - 06-06-2020, 04:22 PM - Forum: RP - Replies (2)

Hello again. I am trying yet to find a good RP that can match with me play style. But... I really do not know to much about RP styles, its by that reason, want to ask, before ask about the title of this thread. I want to ask....... Where can i find "RolePlay" styles information?. I try it by me self in google, and in this forum, but i do not found "good" information, i found some interesting post, but some things there are confused, and seems its just a short answer with low info... So if someone know a good page to know about differents styles of RP, and how to do it, please tellme.

Well, let go to the point. I search in google as i say before, and seems the "breeding RP" its about to people bang a girl to make her pregnant. I interpreted it that way, but not sure how true or how to do it in MNF Club, i mean... i not goin to do all time MMF or MMMF... What i plan its to go with the girl to the bed, 1 round, and cum, finish, go to bed again, and cum again, and repeat (with RP talk)... Its that correct?.

I try to ask help with people in game... But seems some people are not sure how it work, and the rest of it just ignore me... Undecided

By the way, me play style its like i say before, 1 round, cum, and repeat. Any good idea for RP with that?.

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Posted by: blahbitty - 05-06-2020, 09:27 AM - Forum: Such a big, big world - No Replies

Hey, greetings from abstracta. Really, "from" isn't the right word; it isn't a place...and there is no time. But, being from outside time and space gives me a unique entry into the list. Not only am I not from Earth...I'm not from your universe. wooooo, double points. 

So keep on praising the Almighty Cactus (me). 


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  Sex Pose Poll 2Q20 - Futa poll part 2
Posted by: Overfiend - 05-01-2020, 12:32 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (5)

Futa sex is wild!!

Here is the moment of truth.  Pick the sex poses that you would like to be recycled for Futas.

Feel free to share your feedback. Pics can also help us understand your feedback. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.  

The poll will last 30 days. Please share this poll with your friends in the game & post it on your favorite social media platform (i.e. Twitter or Facebook). 

Reminder this poll provides feedback to the Devs regarding the demand for sex poses. It does not guarantee that the winner will be added to the game. If the Devs decide to add any pose to the game, it may take several months to update.

Here are the poll options (PICK 2)
1. Muff dive (Futa licking female)
2. 69 oral (Futa on bottom)
3. Pirate's bounty (zoomed out to see the Futa's tits & face)
4. Doggy style (zoomed out to see the Futa's tits & face)
5. Climbing the tree
6. Scissoring pose (Futa fucking female)
7. Girl on top
8. Rodeo
9. Pearly Gates
10. Pile Driver

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  How the hell does people make money in this game?
Posted by: Jaunedice - 04-09-2020, 10:24 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (4)

No, I'm not gonna be asking about the pitiful $50 amount you get from Petnis.

Like literally make money in this game? Cause a lot of things in this game are pretty expensive. I feel like a peasant with my hard earned 10k from games/casino, when all other items in the game cost 50-200k.

I feel like the only way to win is to become a fake girl and hopefully get paid a lot. Because... this is just pretty ridiculous.....

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  Sex Pose Poll 2Q20 - Futa poll part 1
Posted by: Overfiend - 04-08-2020, 07:28 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (16)

Futa sex is wild!!

With the addition of the first Futa sex pose, the demand for a Futa sex pose is rising. But Futa sex can be complicated.  
Is it a submissive Futa?  Who does the Futa prefer to be fucked by, a girl or a guy?
Is it a dominate Futa? Does the Futa prefer to fuck girls or guys? 
Does the Futa prefer to fuck other Futas?
Who will fuck who? 
So the real question is, Which type of Futa sex pose, would you prefer? Pick 1

1. Futa fucking Female
2. Male fucking a Futa
3. Futa fucking a Male
4. Female with a strap-on fucking a Futa
5. Futa fucking a Futa

This is a mini-poll so it will only last 2 weeks.  Please tell your friends about the poll.  Share it on your favorite social media site (Twitter, Facebook etc).

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  Other browsers on phone?
Posted by: sansao - 03-15-2020, 11:49 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - No Replies

why is mnfclub.com only available on Puffin browser, when you are on the smartphone? Why cant I use other browsers? im a bit tired of the Puffin browser, that shut down and reload the site without warning.

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