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  Free EXP Help
Posted by: Olegowsom - 11-19-2023, 03:06 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

I was wondering if any users are willing to offer EXP for free.
I am actually willing to help anyone but I am non-premium lvl. 19, so my EXP output is not good enough, but in case you encounter me feel free to PM me.
I know most users hate helping with EXP and like to charge a lot of money because is time consuming, but anyways... it'll be nice to know who is willing to help with this.

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Posted by: Fernins - 10-29-2023, 11:24 AM - Forum: Creative writing - No Replies






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  Is too much content locked behind paywalls?
Posted by: Sasso - 08-10-2023, 10:06 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Kia Ora all, I opened up MnF for the first time in a hot minute and it honestly felt like Christmas. A Milking pose?? A Barn for Hucows??? And takes all kinds of combinations???? It's like someone read my mind.

Oh it's in the Suburbs? That's a bad sign...Oh...it costs $400,000...ouch...

Like I said I don't play as much as I used to, but I started playing when I was 19 (?), and I'm 26 now (!), so I guess I can say I'm a veteran, but I do feel like since the concept of paying for property got started with an apartment, it's been one upped over and over again just to milk players that are already paying a subscription fee for more and more. When apartments were introduced, they instantly became the meta for gaining xp, but immediately became outdated once you could buy houses. Then cars...then boats.....If you're a boat owner, do you ever go to your apartment or house? I'm genuinely asking, because I'm not sure I can think of why besides like, personal attachment.

While technically yes you can earn all of them for free, you kind of need to be running in certain circles to have someone generous enough to help you, because there is no way you can earn enough for just a barn from playing mini games alone.... The elephant in the room is that you can pay real life money for it, which would be a whopping $400.

That's not to mention content that requires micro transactions to permanently own. I can't blame people for wanting them. I splashed out for futa and lactation potions, and honestly I'm glad I have them. But it's more payments on top of a subscription fee and like, is that okay?

I don't want this to be a callout thread. Making and operating a game is expensive, and end of the day you gotta get that bread, but the high costs and barriers seem ways to gatekeep people that are more casual about the game out of being able to access a lot of content. And maybe that's not fair when they just want to get milked while a stranger drills your ass and moo.

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  Less Servers, More Capacity
Posted by: Nervana - 08-07-2023, 03:12 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (1)

After playing for a long time, I think we can all agree there are way too many servers. We have 9 servers and usually 3 have people in them. This is a social game, one that encourages you to interact with others. To me it doesn't make sense to have 9 servers with the capacity limit they have. 5 servers should be gotten rid of, and just increase the amount of people per server so everyone can get in to play. I shouldn't have to spend 20 minutes clicking on a server to join it because its full. Joining another server doesn't help because I still can't see who is online anywhere else.

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  Compensations in the masculine and feminine poses
Posted by: PariS-MnF - 07-30-2023, 04:06 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

    Esta publicación está más dirigida a los desarrolladores de MnF.
Como se muestra en la figura 1, algunas poses femeninas deben combinarse con respecto a las masculinas.
La pregunta es si hay algún tipo de trabajo en progreso al respecto, o si esto ya se quedaría como está?

Las poses no premium Muff Diving vs Sixty-nine

Under Heat (1on1) vs no tiene su par
y la pose premium Against The Wall vs tampoco tiene igual

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Star The Hitchhiker's Guide to MnF Club
Posted by: Morax - 07-03-2023, 06:05 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

1. Mini Games
Here's the list of all the mini games available:
1. Flappy Pentis by talking to Lara Bubblebutt on top of the treehouse at Pentis Forest
2. Strip Rodeo by talking to the Sanders Sisters in the Saloon at Wild West
3. CanCan Match 3 by going upstairs in the Saloon at Wild West
4. Glory Hole Mini Game by talking to Pamela Andrews on the right side of Lagoon Beach
5. Shooting Game in the Shooting Gallery in the top side of Red Heat
6. 8 Ball Pool in the Stand Up Club on the bottom left side of Flash Memo Plaza (Multiplayer along with Chat)
7. Casino at the top side of Oasis (If you wanna gamble all your money away Smile)

2. Properties
If you're new and you don't have the money to buy anything but want to gain access to a bed so you can get busyy, you got three options:
1.  Motel Room at the top of Wild West ($100/hr)
2. Hotel Room at the MnF Metropolis ($200/hr)
3. President Luxe Room at the MnF Metropolis ($600/hr)
***it should be noted that it makes no difference in anything where you choose to have sex.

Now if you do have some money saved up, you can buy:
1. Studio Apartment at the bottom side of Southern MnF ($50k / USD24.95)
    Features 1 bed and a shower
2. Car at the right side of Suburbs ($60k / USD 19.95)
    Features 2 exclusive sex poses. You'd have to learn the second one at the Sexual Wisdom Temple.
3. 2 Bedroom House at the Suburbs ($200k / USD 49.95)
    Features 2 beds, a shower and a stripper pole
4. Yacht at the bottom right side of Red Heat ($300k / USD 49.95)
    Features 2 beds, a shower, stripper pole and a mini bar
5. Private Jet at the top side of Flash Memo Plaza ($500k / USD 64.95)
    Features 2 beds, shower and a stripper along with an exclusive NPC sex pose
6. Wedding Chapel on the right side of Flash Memo Plaza ($30k / USD 14.95)
    Lets two users get married and share all their properties
7. Dairy Farm on the left side of Suburbs ($400k / USD 49.95)
    Features a bed and three milking stations where you can use a new milking pose that comes along with it. (Requires the Lactation potion from the milkee)

3. Sex Toys
You can attain even more sex poses that are exclusive to sex toys. These include:
1. Pentis at the Pentis Shack on the top side of Pentis Forest ($3K)
    Unlocks a pentis pose to be used on girls and futas
2. Double Dildo from Penny Funch at the Bar Vodka in Red Heat ($4k + 1500 XP)
    Unlocks a FF pose called Naughty Connection
2. Strap-On Harness at the BDSM and fetish shop on the bottom right side of Southern MnF ($10k + 3500 XP) 
    Unlocks a FFM pose called Dominatrix
3. OctoDildotron at the BDSM and fetish shop on the bottom right side of Southern MnF ($100k / USD 19.95)
    Unlocks a pose called OctoDildoing to be used on girls and futas

4. Body Modifications
If you're feeling dissatisfied with the body of your avatar, you can get it changed! 

1. Changing Hair/Makeup:
    Hair Salon on the top right side of MnF Alley
    New Hairstyle: $200, Eyebrows: $25, Beard: $25, Moustache: $25, Chest hair: $50, Pubic hair: $50, Hair Color: $100, Eye Shadow: $100, Lipstick: $100
2. Changing shapes of body features:
    Dr. Boobige's Clinic on the left side of Lagoon Beach
    Abdomen: $1000, Nose: $500, Lips: $300, Jaw: $1000, Eyes: $1000, Ears: $500
3. Changing Colors:
    Shaman Layer on top of the Shaman Tower
    Skin color change: $2000, Eye color change: $500
4. Body modification Potions: 
    Shaman Layer on top of the Shaman Tower
    They all come with their sex poses and cost $10k/day or USD 15 for permanent effects. They can be toggled on/off from your bio
    Bulk Potion (for guys): Comes with 3 addition MF poses.
    Double Dick Potion (for guys): Comes with 1 additional MF pose.
    Futa Potion (for girls): Essentially gives the male position to a woman in a sex pose
    Lactation Potion (for girls): Comes with 1 additional MF pose

5. Men's Clothing
Here are the places guys can get clothes from:
1. Wild West/Motel/Casual Fashion Catalog:
    Undershirt and Short ($200), Shirt and Jeans ($300)
2. Wild West/Saloon/Clothing Catalogue:
    Biker Leather Jacket ($2000)
2. Lagoon Beach/Bikinis & Swimwear:
    Swimming Briefs ($300), Swim Shorts ($500), Mankini($600)
3. Waterfall/Tuxedo & Evening Dress Shop:
   Tuxedo ($800), Dark Lord Classic ($1000), Tuxedo with a long Tie ($800), Tailored Coat ($2500)
4. Oasis/Oasis Pearl Garments
    Swat Costume ($800), Sports Suit ($2000)
5. Red Heat/Costumes
    Barbarian Costume with Axe ($1000)
6. Sacred Mountain/Sexual Wisdom Temple/Monk Clothes
    Monk Clothing ($400)
7. Red Heat/Bar Vodka/Stripper Outfits
    Elephant G-String ($300), Stripper Tux Set ($1000)
8. Southern Mnf/BDSM & Fetish Shop
    BDSM Harness ($1750)

6. Women's Clothing
Here are the places girls can get clothes from:
1. Wild West/Motel/Casual Fashion Catalog
    Top & Mini Skirt ($200), Shirt & Jeans ($300)
2. Wild West/Saloon/Clothing Catalogue
    Farm Girl Outfit ($700), Denim Jumsuit ($1000), Denim Jumpsuit + Boots ($1500), Hucow Set ($2500), Hucow Set + Bell ($3000), Hucow Set + Harness ($3000)
2. Lagoon Beach/Bikinis & Swimwear
    V-String Bikini ($500), Bandeau Halter Bikini ($600), Split Maxi and Bra ($500)
3. Waterfall/Tuxedo & Evening Dress Shop:
    Evening Dress ($800), Bloodsucker ($1000), Business Suit ($800), Witch Dress ($500), Princess Dress ($10000)
4. Oasis/Oasis Pearl Garments:
    Harem Costume ($1200), Police Costume ($700), Egyptian Queen ($5000), Transparent Bodysuit ($2000), Transparent Bodysuit + Stockings ($2500), Slutty Roommaid Outfit ($1000)
5. Red Heat/Costumes:
    Cat Tail Furry Costume ($700), Slutty Nurse Set ($1500), Superheroine Costume ($3000), Space Trooper Suit ($3000), Cheerleader Costume ($1200)
6. Sacred Mountain/Sexual Wisdom Temple/Monk Clothes
    Monk Clothing ($400)
7. Red Heat/Bar Vodka/Stripper Outfits
    Stripper Outfit ($800)
8. Southern Mnf/BDSM & Fetish Shop:
    Bondage Harness + Nipple Rings ($1500), Bondage Harness ($1300)

7. Accessories
They are generally the same for both guys and girls with a few exceptions marked with * that are only available for girls:
1. Wild West/Saloon/Western Hat
    Western Hat ($500), Pilgrim Hat ($500), War Bonnet ($1000), Turkey Hat ($300), Hucow Horns ($1000)
2. Wild West/Saloon/Cabaret/Harlequin Hat
    Harlequin Hat ($500)
3. MnF Metropolis/Hats & Caps
    MNF Cap ($200), Asian Straw Hat ($400), Top Hat ($600), Fedora ($600), Beanie ($800), Pimp Hat ($1200), Flat Cap ($500), Xmas Hat ($200), Propeller Hat ($500), Wizard Hat ($500), Pirate Hat ($500), Bandana ($100),
    Ninja Band ($100)
4. MnF Metropolis/Designer Eyewear
    Modern Eyeglasses ($300), Modern Sunglasses ($300), Harry Lennon Eyeglasses ($500), Harry Lennon Sunglasses ($500), Nerd Style Eyeglasses ($200), Nerd Style Sunglasses ($200), Grandma Eyeglasses ($100),
    Grandma Sunglasses ($100), Monocle ($600), Heart Sunglasses ($200), Eye Patch ($200), Cyclops Sunglasses ($200), Superhero Mask ($750)
5. Oasis/Oasis Pearl Headwear
    Turban with a Feather ($500), Face Veil* ($100), Genie Hat* ($300), Police hat ($400), Small Crown ($5000), Pharaoh Hat ($1000), Bali Hair Flower ($50), High Filtration Mask ($1), Flower Wreath* ($300), Roommaid Hat* ($100)
6. Red Heat/Headwear
    Ushkana ($500), Cat Ears ($500), Barbarian Helmet ($500), Bunny Ears ($300), Devil Horns Headband ($300), Polka Dot Bow ($500), Hearts Headband Boppers ($300), Reindeer Antlers ($400), Reindeer Antlers + Red Nose ($450),
    Nurse Hat* ($200), Succubus Headwings ($700), Space Trooper Helmet ($1000), Bridal Veil* ($700)

(This is still a work in progress so I'll be adding more info here. If I missed anything, please let me know so I can add it here Big Grin)

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  Party webpages?
Posted by: Manx814 - 04-07-2023, 11:24 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - No Replies

Hello all!. I have see in profile of some players, webpages to do certain things. Like RP, or mabey a exposition for group of girls to "rent", etc... But still not saw what i want, some web, or mabey information, to know schedules to enter and enjoy a party.

I can enter enter to the game at 8 am (ingame time), so its hard for me found a party at that hour. So i want to try new things to search it.

BTW, google seems not help me...

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Exclamation HELP!!
Posted by: Mitsudo - 03-28-2023, 01:24 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (8)

My account has been blocked and I dont know why!!

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  There’s no need to notify someone when they’ve been ignored
Posted by: Yelah - 03-13-2023, 07:44 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - No Replies

Seriously, why is this a thing?

Every once in a while I’ll encounter someone in Wild West who thinks they’re hilarious and won’t shut up. I always end up putting them on ignore and that’s it. Just now I had some asshole who thought it would be funny to follow me around and keep standing me in front of me.

Why do people need to be notified that they’ve been put on ignore? For that matter why should people see that you’ve ignored them when they click on you? All this does is open the door for harassment.

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  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me delete friends quietly :(
Posted by: Sasso - 02-05-2023, 04:32 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (1)

No offence but I'm not sure why it was a good idea to send a message to someone saying they've deleted you off their friends list. It's very awkward to log in to that message, especially if you still see them around sometimes. And I really want to thin out my list, but the one time I did delete someone they messaged me to whinge about it. It's time this got changed to just quietly removing friends.

If this actually has been changed ignore me for being dumb, I haven't been online that much lately, but it was happening untill recently atleast.

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