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  Back after a long hiatus
Posted by: DarkFutaQueen - 03-12-2019, 02:33 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (13)

Been gone for a year or so and thought I would come back to check on this game.

Same crap, lazy poses every 3 months or so, random QoL 'fix' every 6 months or so, and unashamed cash grabs in between. Paying IRL money for sex XP? Damn... thats just terrible.

I wish the devs read this forum so they could see that some of us recognize their greed. I used to be a die-hard fan and hoped after giving it a break things would get better. Oh well, they will keep making a new MNF Game every 2 weeks and pretending to care about their Club players until the game eventually (and depressingly) finally dies.

Hoping someone comes along and does a browser sex mmo right, because that's all it would take to put the final nail in this dumpster fire.

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  Happy International Women's Day 2019!
Posted by: JCF - 03-08-2019, 08:51 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

[Image: LinkedIn-International-Womens-Day.png]

Women are pretty damn awesome. And today is most certainly a good day to reinforce that.

To all the women out there, no matter who or where you are, take time to be proud of what you've accomplished and remember that you deserve respect -- and don't be afraid to remind anyone who'd take that from you. That includes in-game as well. Even if you're here on this island as an orc's cum-addicted slave, you deserve that recognition in whatever way you prefer.

And to everyone else, whether it's your mother, your daughter, your girlfriend, your wife, or even your slave or mistress, take some time to recognize the women in your life who matter the most to you. Here in particular, it's worth remembering that even if you're the baddest-ass bitchbreaker with a dick the size of a fire rescue ladder, the women here who do submit do it because they want to. Grant them that recognition and be grateful for your connection, no matter what it is.

In short, women are people. People deserve respect. Remember that no matter who you are. And again, Happy International Women's Day. Smile

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Posted by: Lady_Alexa - 03-02-2019, 12:31 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (2)

Recently someone made me aware of a link to a fake MnFClub site.  Which I investigated, and reported to a few Mods I am friends with.  Unfortunately for me, so after someone was able to login into my account, and transfer all my funds out.  But luckily for me, BOLD EAGLE caught them, so I got my money back.

Problem for me, there is no option in game to change your password.  I had to contact MnF Support to request my password be changed.  So now I got a password, which I will never remember.

So I would like to propose that this be changed, we need an easier way for a player to change their password..

(01-26-2018, 01:48 PM)Emmie Wrote: Yeah, I feel like there should be a form for changing password and name.

And a moderator or such just clicks accept or decline on it.

Decline incase a name is taken.
This quote was taken from an in-game chat I had with Emmie.

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Posted by: Lady_Alexa - 02-24-2019, 08:46 PM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (5)

Considering one group of players are doing spamming attacks on the MnF Servers... aks MansonFamily

Maybe it would be a good idea if there was a cool down period in all public locations, to reduce spamming

Room chat is okay, as Host can kick a spammer

2 second delay in public chat, makes it harder to spam

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  Sex Pose Poll 1Q 2019 - Lesbian Sex Pose Poll
Posted by: Overfiend - 02-16-2019, 05:28 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (12)

Welcome to the Lesbian Sex Pose Poll. 

As a promised, Girls who like playing with girls will have a chance to tell the Devs exactly what you want. 
As a fan of girl-girl sex, it is my pleasure to bring you the first ever dedicated Lesbian Sex Pose Poll.  Since this category has been lacking updates, I decided to let you pick your 3 favorite poses. This poll will close in 30 days so vote while you can and spread the word.  Everyone welcome vote. Have Fun!!!

Reminder this poll provides feedback to the Devs regarding the demand for sex poses. It does not guarantee that the winner will be added to the game. If the Devs decide to add any pose to the game, it may take several months to update.  

Detailed descriptions of polling options 

1. FF Oral Pussy feast 

  • FF oral muff dive - recycle the MF version with 2 females 
  • FF oral 69 - recycle the MF oral 69 or the MFF threesome 69 
  • FF oral rodeo face sitting - recycle the MF rodeo with a female on the bottom using her fingers & tongue 
  • FF oral doggy bottom feeder - recycle the MF doggy with 2 females & the rear female uses her fingers & tongue 
  • FF oral peach tree - recycle the MF climbing the tree. Replace the male with a kneeing female who has the leg lifted over her shoulder so she can pleasure the standing female with her toungue & fingers. this could be used in the shower 
  • FF oral pile driver - recycle the pile driver pose but replace the male with a female bent over on her knees licking & fingering the pussy & ass of the girl in theat pile drive
2. FF Oral Tit feast - a female licking sucking & fondling the tits of another female 
  • Tit feast in 69 pose 
  • Master girl feast the slave's tits 
3. FF Kiss and finger play - 2 girls kissing touching each other's bodies and fingering each other's pussy 

4. FF Shower Sex 
  • FF Oral Peach tree - recycle the MF climbing the tree. Replace the male with a kneeing female who has the leg lifted over her shoulder so she can pleasure the standing female with her toungue & fingers 
  • FF Strap-on climbing the tree pose with 1 girl wearing a strap-on 
5. FF Strap-on pose 
  • FF Strap-on Rodeo 
  • FF Strap on climbing the tree. Also it could be modified so both girls legs are raised by stepping on high furniture so that we can see the pussy of the girl with the strapon. maybe she can get fingered too This could be use in the shower 
  • FF strap-on Get on top 
  • FF Strap-on Doggy 
  • FF strap-on Pirate's bounty 
  • FF strap-on Pile driver 
  • FF Strap-on Split Poundage 
  • FF strap-on Reverse Cowgirl
  • FF Strap-on Full Nelson 
  • FF Strap-on Spooning 
6. FF Double Dildo 
  • FF Double Dildo Doggy 
  • FF Double Dildo Pile driver 
  • FF Double Dildo Reverse Cowgirl 
  • FF Double Dildo Rodeo 
7. FFF threesome 
  • all oral 
  • 2 Strap-ons & a girl getting fucked by both 
  • mix oral & strap-on 
  • mix oral & double dildo 
  • mix strap-on & double dildo 
8. New sex toy - Magical Wand Vibrator - this should be a magical version of the real life wand vibrator. Just like the real one it's a vibrator that girls can put in between their pussies and share the sensations. 
  • It should have low, medium and high vibration settings. 
  • It should also allow both girls to climax in the sex pose. 
  • The sex pose should also come with fingering, clit rubbing, breast fondling & kissing whenever possible 
  • It could be shared in any position imaginable like scissors, doggy, rodeo etc. 
  • Also like other features of MNF, it could be purchased in a magical location from a hot new npc that you could have sex with.
9.  Sybian. - it's a vibrating saddle machine that girls can sit on for stimulation. You can attach a standing dildo to fuck while it vibrates in your pussy.  some saddles have room for two girls . The girls can kiss and play with each other while they fuck the vibrating dildo. It's an overwhelming explosion of pleasure. Enjoy

10. New petnis pose. - right now we have 1 petnis pose.  Why not add some variety and add another? It could be any position you like. 
  • Doggy
  • Rodeo
  • Side laying
  • Pile driver
  • Standing

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  Sex Pose Poll 1Q 2019 - Gay Sex Poses
Posted by: Overfiend - 02-16-2019, 04:57 AM - Forum: Feedback, Miscellaneous & Help - Replies (9)

Welcome to the gay male sex pose poll

As you may already know gay men only have 1 pose in the game. I am a straight male. But as an advocate for the members of game and based on the number of requests for gay poses in the forum, I felt like it's only fair to give gay men a voice with their first ever dedicated sex pose poll.

Essentially these are existing poses recycled with two men instead.  The concept of recycling poses is the simplest & fastest way to create a new pose.  I know it's not very creative but the Devs have a way with adding there own twist to poses anyway. The idea is to give the Devs general feedback about the pose in demand. Everyone is welcome to vote. have fun and share the news about the poll. This poll will close in 30 days. And since gay poses have been largely ignored, I'm giving you the ability to vote for 3 of your favorite poses.

Reminder this poll provides feedback to the Devs regarding the demand for sex poses. It does not guarantee that the winner will be added to the game. If the Devs decide to add any poses to the game, it may take several months to update.

Here are the options to choose from

1. MM doggy (Kneeling, standing or leg up) 
2. MM Pirates Bounty 
3. MM Rodeo 
4. MM Spooning 
5. MM Pile Driver 
6. MM Full Nelson 
7. MM Blowjob 
8. MM 69 Oral
9. MM Reverse Entry
10. MM Reverse cowgirl

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Posted by: Boris327 - 02-14-2019, 11:42 AM - Forum: Creative writing - Replies (10)

My memory of my beginning on the Island is blurred. Nobody said its real name. It was like a myth. I had seen advertising about it. It looked like a cartoon. It didn't seem very serious.

Some kind of "organized travel", with sexy games? A mix of naturist beach and thematic holidays? I couldn't take it seriously.

But, one day, I got fed up because I couldn't guess what this ISLAND was about. It didn't seem to belong to a specific country... Was it private? Now, I wonder if the owners could be Swiss.
So, I just took one day a train and reached one of their agency in Paris. They have agencies in most capital cities in the world.

I was told that I wouldn't be able to see where I would go. The private plane that would take me there would fly for hours with closed portholes. When I said to the girl that people could guess where the Island was by calculating the time to reach it from various places in the world, she laughed and said that, at the beginning, the planes didn't go directly to the Island and took indirect ways to fool the beginners...

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  Happy Valentine's Day!
Posted by: JCF - 02-13-2019, 06:44 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

So tomorrow (or technically today, for some of you) is Valentine's Day. A time when everything you see is red...

[Image: f007e508-515e-40b4-b8d9-6876fe041c27.jpg]

A time for enjoying sweet treats...

[Image: 72282015035d49b01280a60bb4274add.jpg]

And a time for showing loved ones how much we care.

[Image: Sweet-babe-Bella-satisfy-her-man-on-Valentines-Day.gif]

It's also been mocked as a time for crass commercialism; an excuse to sell Valentine's Day cards...

[Image: 514_grande.png?v=1526500318]

And a reminder of heartbreak.

[Image: 3252f6fe8b1b66fb2d6f542588df3bddef2b227b...2d535f.jpg]

But like all holidays, it's a reminder that life is worth enjoying. Full of stories waiting to be told.

[Image: 5-dates-what-to-wear-lead.jpg]

So I say, if nothing else, take Valentine's Day as a reminder of how good it is to put a smile on someone's face.

[Image: 1A9FCD6.gif?fs=opencloud]

Happy Valentine's Day, MnF Club!

(Oh yeah, and let's not forget the chocolate. And other rare delicacies!)

[Image: tumblr_m1o9f1vlnm1qlk6p1o1_500.jpg]

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  Just to clarify
Posted by: Simple Tania - 02-13-2019, 12:56 PM - Forum: Creative writing - Replies (6)

[Image: tumblr_mvuqz5CapN1sibsm4o1_500.gif]

Let me tell you a secret...
A woman also masturbates.
Since puberty,
she wake up excited
watch porn...
Sometimes, she needs to cum to relax,
to relieve a fucking headache,
to sleep better.
A woman also notices the male body,
and yes, she has her favorite parts.
Some of them loves a fine ass,
others prefer a well defined torso...
A woman also likes to receive
a sweet and/or sloppy oral job.
Hates when she can't have an happy ending
but loves to put an end with her own hand!
She adores a good fuck,
and she also touch herself in shower,
imagining pleasant situations.
They also become involuntarily excited
Sometimes, they even wet their panties with a simple caress.
Women have the same sexual intensity as men,
What changes,
It's the format of genitalia
and that's all...
There's no such thing as "slut"
There's no such thing as "hussy"
They are women!
With the same desires
as the opposite sex.
Even because it's just opposite sex
and not opposite species.

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  Sensual eroticism
Posted by: Simple Tania - 02-04-2019, 11:17 PM - Forum: Creative writing - Replies (1)

[Image: sexo-oral-esperma1216-1400x800.jpg?itok=ai_4hYaG]

Some quick desires
In a flash of light
A trait of madness
In a crazy quest
Of touching you skin
Of feeling your kiss
Run all over your body
In a smooth slide
Of my tongue
In every inch of you
In your neck, shivering
Your mouth, your tongue
Devour, nibble
Your sculpted chest 
On a constant delay,
Willful delay
A sinful thought
A shiver,
A moan,
Between a nipple and a navel
Feel you,
Hear you,
For a longer search
Between thighs
A sick tongue,
A thirsty mouth,
A burning desire
Sliding around
Tasting around
Roll your eyes
Close them,
Sail around your fantasies
You moan deeply
A promised orgasm
A granted orgasm
In a flash of light,
In a madness trait! 

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