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Sex Poses - Suggestions
Let's talk about SEX!

Welcome to the Sex Pose Suggestion thread. 
Feel free to share any ideas you have relating to sex poses.  Please be open-minded and respectful towards each other. 

In this thread we may use the following short hand notations 

F = Female
MF = a guy & a girl
FF = 2 girls
MM = 2 guys
FFM = 2 girls and a guy
MMF = 2 guys and  a girl
MFMF = 2 girls & 2 guys
MMMF = 3 guys & a girl
FFFM = 3 girls & a guy

2020 Poll Projections
1st Quarter - MNF Crossover poses for MF & Group sex
2nd Quarter - Futa recycled pose poll
3rd Quarter - Group sex  - FFFM & MFMF,
4th Quarter - MM & FF - Shower sex, threesomes & missing poses

2019 Poll Projection
1st Quarter - FF & MM sex pose poll
2nd Quarter - FFM &/or MMF sex pose poll
3rd quarter - FFFM &/or MFMF poll
4th Quarter - MF poll &/or Public sex location poll or sex toys

Below is list of ideas that have already been suggested.  I will add to it as we go along.

Sex Controls
  • More 1st person control options for the person controlling the sex - like rubbing clit while fucking
  • Add 2nd person control options for the getting fucked to interact like fondling the other person's body
  • Default interactions in the drawing of the pose - More interactions that don't require controls like Kissing, fondling, fingering etc. 
  • use petnis & cock during sex for double penetration controlled by 1 male
  • 6 round Group sex - all FFM or MMF threesome poses should be available in a six round session without having to leave the bed. just like MF sex.
  • Shower sex start glitch - allow the waiting partner to click start sex when a visitor joins the shower. it works sporadically.
  • brothel "thank you" message or just a general notification of who used you in the brothel.
  • Cum option for every round by adding the following cum options for every sex round: 
    1. Next Pose 2. Cum & Next pose 3. Cum & Finish
  • Female "Climax" option alongside the male "Cum" option with every pose
  • Detailed "Cum" for every pose - ability to "Cum in Pussy", "Cum in Ass" or "Cum Out" in every pose.  More than just "Cum"
  • Target Cum Out -Make the ability to specifically "Cum out on breasts", "Cum out on face", "Cum out on pussy" Cum out on ass"
  • Spectacular mode - hardcore fucking making your partner climax over and over again
  • Voyeur/Spectator mode - ability to watch/spy in on others having sex. 
  • Alternative Points Of View
  • Free users should have an FFM pose
  • add a slowing closing gape animation for pussy & ass when a cock pulls out. 
  • add a spitting option for oral sex
  • add a gag animation or option for oral sex
Sex Experience points reward system fixes
  • Sex experience points rewarded for sex with players of all levels. It should start with a base amount at level 1 & increase with sex level.
  • Sex experience points reward system that matches the difficulty of the pose.
  • Threesome & Group sex should offer the highest points for each player
MF - Sex Poses
  • MF - Side Laying Doggy can be created by recycling Femme Fatale - switch the Female for a Male
  • MF - Standing Doggy 
    - Arms pulls back - pulling hair back - lifting up 1 leg - she's facing a wall - his back is against a wall - She's laying with her stomach on the floor - Wheelbarrow carry doggy - standing Full Nelson headlock doggy
  • MF - Lap dance sex pose for the strippers in the Red Heat club on the couch
  • MF - Male carrying female during sex
  • MF - Scissors sex- Recycle the FF Scissors by replacing one of the females with a male either top or bottom
  • MF - Craddle - both are seated and her legs wraps around his - a romantic pose with kissing & fondling
  • MF - Froggy style - female squats down over him
  • MF - Nursing Handjobs - female strokes his cock while he sucks & licks her breasts. including caressing, hard groping, licking, sucking, pinching, rubbing the nipples
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1720]
  • MF - Spank & fingering pose - bend her over his knees so he can spank & finger her
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1729]
  • MF - Male & Female solo masturbation pose.  The male can be jerking himself off for her viewing pleasure. The female can with her own pussy, clit, tits & ass for his viewing pleasure.
  • MF - Female pegging male with strapon or petnis
  • MF - Standing Split - both are standing and she has her leg up over his shoulder height
  • MF - Throat Fuck - Like the pose with Oksana at the shooting gallery
  • kiss & finger her while she jerks him
  • Blowjob with his 1st person POV 
  • Blowjob while you finger her 
  • Blowjob while she fingers herself 
  • oral tit loving & finger her 
  • doggy style pussy & ass licking & fingering from his 1st person POV (aka bottom feeding POV) . 
  • She's face sitting rodeo 
  • Kissing & tribbing (Rubbing pussy & cock without penetration)
FF - Sex Poses
  • FF kiss & play - girls kiss while playing with each other's bodies
  • FF - Muff dive Oral (winner of the last sex pose poll) can be created by recycling Muff Dive pose - switch the Male for a Female
  • FF - Face sitting Oral 
  • FF - Doggy style Oral
  • FF - 69 Oral 
  • FF climbing tree oral aka peach tree
  • FF oral pile driver - recycle the pile driver pose but replace the male with a female bent over on her knees licking & fingering the pussy & ass of the girl in the pile drive position
  • FF Tit feast - a female licking sucking & fondling the tits of another female
  • FF - Doggy style double dildo
  • FF - Strap-on Pirate's Bounty can be created by recycling Pirates Bounty pose - switch the Male for a Female
  • FF - Strap-on Rodeo can be created by recycling Rodeo pose - switch the Male for a Female
  • FF - Strap-on Doggy can be created by recycling Doggy style pose - switch the Male for a Female
  • FF - Strap-on Pile Driver can be created by recycling Pile Driver pose - switch the Male for a Female
  • FF - Strap-on Climb the Tree can be created by recycling Climb the Tree pose - switch the Male for a Female
MM Sex Poses
  • MM - mutual masturbation - 2 guys stroking each other's cock
  • MM - Oral pose can be created by recycling Blowjob - Switch the female for a Male
  • MM - Doggy pose can be created by recycling Doggy style - Switch the female for a Male
3-Some Sex Poses
  • MMF - Doggy Style & Blowjob can be created by recycling Doggy style - add another male to for a blowjob - it can also be created by recycling the blowjob pose an adding a man to fuck her from behind.
  • MMF - Full Nelson Threesome can be created by recycling Full Nelson - add another male fucking her pussy
    [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1679]

  • MMF - Cowgirl Double Penetration can be created by recycling the girl on top pose & adding a male behind her to fuck her ass
  • MMF - Double Cock Alternating blowjobs - 1 girl sucking 2 cocks - she strokes one cock while sucking the other, then alternates
  • FFM - Girls riding triangle - 1 girl fucking straddled on top fucking his cock and other straddled on his face receiving oral
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1685]                                                                                                                                                                         
  • FFM - 1 girl getting fucked in pirate's bounty while the other girl sitting near the first girl's head with her legs spread open getting her pussy licked similar to the Muff dive at the same time.
  • FFM - Doggy fuck to muff dive pussy licking
  • FFM - Pirate fuck with face sitting pussy licking
  • FFM - 4 hole fuck doggy on top of pirate 
  • FFM - 2 girl double blowjob - 2 girls sucking 1 cock - girls alternate between sucking, licking & stroking the shaft, head & balls. Possible views are POV, 3rd person girls in 69, 3rd person girls side by side. Possible options are  
    1. double kiss head & shaft  (slide cock between lips) 2. double lick head & shaft  3. each girl lick each ball. 4. each girl suck a ball 5. Girl A suck balls & Girl B licks cock 6. Girl A lick cock and Girl B lick balls. 7. Girl A suck cock & Girl B licks balls. 8. Girl A suck cock & Girl B suck balls  9. Girl A suck head & Girl B lick shaft  10. Girls alternate suck cock (take turns) 11. Swap 12. Share Cum - cum shoots as the girls lick the head.  It lands on their faces, mouth & tongue.  After it lands they kiss the cock head and their each other's lips at the same time sharing the cum
  • FFM - 2 girl double titjob  
  • FFM - Scissors on a cock - 2 girls in the FF scissors pose with a man's cock in the middle. they both rub their pussies on his cock until he explodes his cum on both of their pussies at the same time
  • FFM - DP strapon threesome - 1 girl fucks her ass with a strapon while the guy fuck her pussy. The guy & strapon girl can switch holes.
  • FFF - Oral & fingering threesome (no toys)
  • FFF - strap-on threesome - 1 girl with strap-on fucks a girl while the girl getting fucked licks another girl
  • MMM - Threesome
4-Some Sex Poses
• MFMF - 69 4-some can be created by recycling Orgasmic Unity - add another male receiving oral from the top girl or fucking the bottom girl
• MFMF - any pair of recycled MF poses
  • Rodeo & Reverse Cowgirl Group Sex (Female controlled)- girls can be Side by Side or facing each other
  • Pirate's Bounty & Doggy style group sex (Male Controlled)- girls can be side by side
  • Rodeo Group Sex - girls can be Side by Side
  • Double doggy style group sex - girls can be side by side or facing each other
  • Pirate's bounty group sex - girls can be side by side or on opposite sides upside down licking each other's breasts
  • Doggy & Rodeo - 1 pair of MF in Reverse cowgirl & the other MF in Doggy style.  The girl in doggy style can lick the pussy & suck the cock of the Rodeo pair
  • Doggy & Spooning - 1pair in doggy & 1 pair in spooning.  the girl in doggy can lick the pussy and suck the cock of the spooning pair
  • Doggy & Full Nelson - the girl in doggy can lick the pussy & suck the cock of the full nelson
  • Pirate bounty & spooning
  • Pirate bounty & Femme Fatale (with a male instead of a strapon). the girl in femme fatale can kiss lick & suck the breasts of the girl in Pirate bounty
  • Pirate bounty & Full Nelson - 1 pair in pirate bounty & 1 pair in full nelson with the girls side by side.
  • Get on top DP & facesitting muff dive - a girl in "get on top" with another guy behind her fucking her ass at the same time. Meanwhile the other girl is face sitting on the bottom guy & in front of the girl.  the Bottom guy & the girl getting fucked are both licking the pussy & ass of the girl facesitting.  The girl facesitting could be in rodeo or doggy style.
• MFMF - Double Fuck & Double BJ 
• MFMF - Femme Fatale & Share the Love
• MFMF - Doggy, Muff dive & BJ - 1 guy fucks a girl doggy style while she is muff diving a girl who is giving a blowjob.
• MFMF - Oral - a circle of blowjob to pussy licking to blowjob to pussy licking

• FFFM - 1 guy fucks 3 girls Reverse gangbang - a guy does the fucking, licking fingering of all 3 girls at the same time.
  • Doggy - Stacked or side by side
  • Pirate - Stacked or side by side
  • Rodeo -1 girl on the cock, 1 girl riding his face and the other getting fingered.
  • Rodeo - 1 girl on the cock  2 girls getting fingered by him on his left and right sides 
• FFFM - 4 hole stack & facesitting - 1 girl on her back, another girl in doggy on top of her. both of their pussy & ass face a guy that gets to choose the holes of the top girl in doggy or the bottom girl her back. meanwhile there's a 3rd girl face sitting on the girl her back while the girl in doggy licks & sucks their  nipples. Option can be normal & hard pussy & ass fuck for the top girl & the bottom girl
• FFFM - Doggy style stack - all 3 girls in doggy style stacked on top of each other.  He fucks the bottom girl, while fingering the middle girl and licking the top girl.
• FFFM - Oral reverse gangbang -  guy on his back while 1 girl face sitting getting her pussy licked by him, 1 girl sucks his cock, & the 3rd girl licks her pussy doggy style
• FFFM -  girl power reverse gangbang - guy on his back while 1 girl face sitting getting her pussy licked by him, 1 girl sucks his cock, & the 3rd girl strapon fucks her doggy style
• FFFM - DP reverse gangbang - a girl & a girl with a strapon DP pussy & ass fuck a girl in the middle while a 3rd girl gets her pussy licked & fingered
• FFFM - Airtight reversegang bang - 2 girls with a strapon fuck her pussy & ass while the guy gets a blowjob. Everyone with a strapon or dick rotates to get a chance to fuck her. it will require 2 premium girls.

• MMMF - Blow Bang - the girl has a cock her mouth & a cock in each hand.  And she alternates the giving a blowjob to each cock. Males are should be in control of the cumming.
• MMMF - Alternating blowjob & handjob while getting fucked

• FFFF - Lesbian Oral & Strap-on - 1 girl face sitting on a girl on her back who is also getting her pussy licked by a girl getting fucked by a strap on doggy style.  then they rotate.
• FFFF - Lesbian buffet - all oral & fingering (no toys)

Petnis poses
  • Stripper pleasures herself with her petnis on stage - this could be an sex pose invite for a high tippers to watch the scene
  • MF - doggy style with cock in pussy and petnis in her ass.
  • MF - Girl on top with cock in pussy and petnis in ass
Public sex locations
  • Beach sex
  • Prison sex
  • Waterfall
  • Public benches
  • Couch sex in the Red Heat strip club (Recycle Reverse Cowgirl or Split Poundage or Get on Top or Rodeo)
  • Against a tree
  • a Glory Hole location for avatars to participate - a female avatar can be in the room & male avatars can slide their cocks in the hole to be used.
  • Reverse glory hole with a man in a box and the holes in the wall contain female body parts like mouth breasts, pussy, ass & hands for use by the man in the middle
  • Shower sex - MF - Doggy Style
  • Shower sex - MM & FF
  • Train sex on the Red Heat train
  • Alley way sex by the drug dealer near the brothel
  • Classroom sex (need a new school/University location)
  • Dining table / kitchen countertop sex ( it could be in house/apt or restaurant)
  • Window sex (a sex pose in the frame of a window for the voyeurs out there)
  • Stairway sex (there are several stairways in the game where this could be used)
  • Elevator sex (especially for the hotel)
  • Roof top
Sex toys
  • Swing sex
  • bondage ropes
  • hand cuffs & ankle cuffs
  • Cock-ring with clit vibrator
  • Nipple tassles
  • Ribbed cock sleeve
  • Anal beads
  • butt plug
  • Body Oil - gives sex a shiny look
  • blindfold
  • Floggers, 
  • canes, 
  • paddles, 
  • whips
  • Symbian machine
NPC poses
  • a straight sex pose with Penny Funch (the girl in the bar)
Stripper Dance Poses
  • Doggy style Twerking / Booty shaking by the stripper pole
  • lap dance sex pose
Free user requests
  • FFM for free users
  • FF oral for free users
  • MM oral for free users
 [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]
Thumbs Up 
Fuck with clothes its a great idea Smile
Either mmm or just another mm pose.
Hello Overfiend!
Good work! Here is a copy of my post from February:

I would like to have a doggy-pose, standing up, the girl leaning against the wall.
We could use it as well under the shower or (new suggestion!) against a tree!!!
Wouldn t it be nice to grab a girl (in petnis forest for example) and fuck her behind a tree???
Maybe even fully clothed??? Smile
Let's hear some feedback on the new FFM threesome pose added to the game called the "Group Pyramid"
 [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]
just a anyone reading this thread and pleasuring themselves?
You need to make a new MM pose/poses
(06-26-2018, 11:22 PM)SadisticMonster Wrote: just a anyone reading this thread and pleasuring themselves?

maybe Wink
(06-26-2018, 03:50 PM)Jessica_V Wrote: you mean this

Yes, I do!
Or like this:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
if prison sex was allowed:

[Image: 15854397.gif]

[Image: 4d4ac1227df966e04a5a07438df91f5c.gif]
[Image: YoG5lWf.jpg]

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