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(09-03-2023, 06:54 PM)PariS-MnF Wrote: Well... I and I suppose that many players experience the same thing as Vally.
I play at Pink Taco, sometimes I'm very talkative and sometimes I'm like a cactus, just part of the landscape.
But in general when I enter the WW and I write in the chat: "_hello, good morning"... nobody responds, hmm, what's wrong?, are they all talking via PM?, do they think they are very important and are waiting for messages?, or Are they just part of my sadness too? ha ha ha
Well, nothing more and see you
PS: If you want to visit the Pink Taco, you have to pay a $1000 toll to the Sheriff Paris-MnF XD

Do not besmirtch the Cactus name. And, I will pay no such toll.

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