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Gangbangs Organisation
Alright Good news pple: i finally found a woman that will (reluctantly) get in a gangbang . So the time is thrusday 13 april , 9 pm in nether region cabaret. COME as many as u want, and hope it ll be fun (havent gotten any of those yet so well see how it goes).
(RP only, if u hadnt gotten that and plz dont speak when the girl appears till i give the introduction)
fingers crossed it dosnt get canceled !

PS if female avatars wanna participate, futa/strapons are possible, or if theres enough pple u can be a fellow gangbangee too
Nice to hear ;-))

(9 PM game time, i think)
I will try to be there,
( to participate, to help  or to view only; depends on the "circumstances" ) ;-))
.... lets look who will be there, who will play at last .... and "build" a nice gangbang ;-)))
[Image: detail.gif]
Okay, I have been looking for some people that are interested in doing some threesomes, not just threesome but cuckold threesomes. So let me explain, I been looking for girl's that love a good BBC pounding them, to do a threesome with me, her and a BBC (I'm white). So it's basically one white guy that want's to get cucked and one BBC and a girl that is willing to tease and bully the cuck whit guy as they have a threesome. Simple enough i think, I wanna try this out and probably will like it. Is there anyone who is interested in this just let me now and we can try to work and organize this out. Thanks ;*
Message me, I want to try a organized gangbang I'm pretty much for anything and everything
Interested Smile Always! Smile
Well, I'm interested in an event like that
"There's a time for daring and there's a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for"
Sounds interesting, I'd love to try '-'
New here... dont hace read all this thread... but thats something i would like to try... soon
are gangbangs even happening anymore?
If you wanna find some quality friends you have to wade through all the dicks first - Eric Cartman
(08-03-2017, 02:39 AM)W1LL Wrote: are gangbangs even happening anymore?

I would be willing to put one together if there were enough guys who wanted to join.

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