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Lets find masters and slaves
I Am A male 21 looking for mistress
I'm a straight male Dom, looking for slaves and hoes
I'm a straight male that leads a very busy life so I'm looking for a submissive female for ongoing long term dirty talk RP chat.  I log into the game & forum sporadically whenever time permits so I needs someone who is ok with some small gaps of time between responses. I would prefer, chatting using the in game messaging tool.
I love all kinds of girls but I'm especially attracted to the good girls who are naughty in bed.   Or bad girls that like to play with good guys like boy toys.  I'm into lots of different fantasies, office sex, martial arts trainer, schoolgirl or hot teacher, nurses, incest, strippers, married life, strangers,neighbors just to name a few. If you're interested message me here or in the game for an introduction
 [Image: th?id=OGC.b94e97e4eae2a9fdeb062422156fbc...jNuOSQhwWA]
(08-29-2018, 07:39 PM)IlikeRP Wrote: Je suis un homme hétérosexuel , à la recherche d'esclaves et de houes
salut you want test me?
Female. 18. Im a submissive girl ^^ I like to satisfy my partner needs. I can be your bitch/slut/whore or you can call me whatever you want to Smile Also i like to service older mens. I speak english and russian
Here a male, 40 (talking about in-game, or course), very dom. Looking for spanish-speaker sub girl to join my harem.
I'm a master who looks for slave or brat . im 26 and if anyone interested pm me . i can show you my bdsm test result if you ask me abt it and you will know me better Smile
Hello there~ Female 23.I'm a sub looking for a hard dom i don't mind if it's a daddy/master/owner thing as long the partner is really detailed with posts ♥, i'm able to speak English and Spanish so that could give you better options, see you soon :*
ima roleplay master my rp information and flist is here
if you wanna contact me or add me as a master or interested in being a slave my discord is
#1004 i prefer females but im okay with Sissys futanari and or cuntboys(males with vaginas instead of cocks)
A female looking for a master to dominate me pm me if u are up for rp i don't rp with girls only boys/men

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