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Male Clothing Survey - Artist needed
Hello Artists, 

I will be running a Male Clothing poll in the Feedback thread this coming Friday March 2, 2018.  Here is a list of male clothing ideas that will be voted on.  Feel free to draw up any of the ideas on the list and post your images in the Feedback thread -
Some images have already been contributed by other artists but similar images are welcomed to provide an alternative perspective. 
This is a great way to get some mass exposure for your beautiful artwork.

1. Nude bow tie - no shirt or pants just a bow tie. It could be around the neck or the dick. 
2. Male Playboy robe 
3. Firefighter 
4. Male monokini by Willy_for_Boobies 
5. Cowboy boots with open crotch & cowboy vest to go with cowboy hat by Willy_for_Boobies 
6. King or Pharaoh outfit 
7. Captain Fighter Pilot - with golden rings around the arms
8. Captain Navy or Marines sailor - with golden rings around the arms
9. Male nude body painting 
10. Male wizard
11. Male doctor
12. Jeans with bare chest, open jacket & sneakers. also another version with neck chains & studded wrist bracelets.
13. british gentlements outfit: A tweet-jacket with patches on the arms, and some knickerbockers, a Sherlock-Holmes cap with a pipe, or a Bowler-hat. An umbrella or a cane as an accessory.
14. Race car driver 
15. Soccer-player
16. Superhero by Lady Alexa 
17. Sarong by Willy_for_Boobies 
18. Latex/Rubber by Willy_for_Boobies 
19. Netshirt by Willy_for_Boobies
20. Male Farmer
 [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]
When I meant my “counterpart” option in the suggested ideas, I meant all of them in one option; not putting each of them as a single option.... As in, if you vote for “counterpart” you would be voting for all of the male versions of the female clothes that haven’t been implemented ingame yet. So you know exactly what your getting, as well as the comfort of knowing that the devs will be busy with more that just one male outfit, so we don’t have to vote more than once on male outfits if “counterpart” wins. Of course it would take quite some time for all to be completed, thus one would be released after it is complete, and they would work on the next one...
Sorry John, I didn't understand the first time.  I can understand the benefit of lumping all of the "counterpart" outfits together.  To start it would cut the number of options down, shorten the polling time & give the the devs the freedom to choose.  On the other hand, it lumping all those ideas together might make it an automatic winner in the polls.  People of a variety of tastes will just pick that one. Then when we hand it off to the Devs, they might hesitate because they wouldn't know which design to start with.  The benefit of polling each idea specifically is that we can weed out the unpopular ones & get to the most popular one. Then we can hand the Devs a clear & specific idea to update.  Then if the Devs follow through we'll know we hit a homerun because we already know it was the most preferred idea.  Also by polling the ideas individually, the devs can start with the most popular one. Then they can continue to create then next popular after that until they've gotten all of the favorites updated in order of popularity. At the end I think we're aiming for the same goal which is a series of male clothing updates that makes sense. I just wanted to provide the Devs with specific & popular to work with.
 [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]

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