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Suggestion Thread #II: Even better suggestions!
Welcome back everyone!
As most forum users might have noticed, the old suggestion thread is HUGE! And we can't expect every new person with good ideas to read the whole thing before making a suggestion that might have been made before. So i am starting a new thread!

Let us all use this shiny new place to discuss our most wanted features, suggestions and bright ideas to make this game even better! And if we keep our ideas nice and well worked out, the devs might take a liking to them and add them at some point, so let's work together!

I will keep updating this post with the ideas that seem popular, so check back once in a while!

This forums suggestions are, and our humble thoughts on their possibility:

SEX option: Things we would like during sexytimes
- Spectator mode; possible
- More sex locations besides a bed; Probably, we got the shower and others would be very pose dependent as well.
- Ability to extend room time while in bed; If we recieve a messege of time running out during sex, would an extending button be too much to add?
- Options to Male Cum during each round; Every pose allready has orgasm animations, changing the 'rules' to trigger every round, doable we think
- Female Climax: Could be more poses that are girl focused, or an option next to the normal cum button for girls to climax.
- Poses including other option like boobplay etc. ;Most likely for new poses like girl on top does

BODY Options: Things we would like to get even hotter
- Body modifications (ass, hips, belly, tighs, muscles, dick size); A singe body change has impacts on all sides of the game, too much work to be worth it (probably)
- Piercings and tattoos (body paint); Also would impact many places in the game, but to a lesser degree. So no great hope.
- Ability to change sex; Most likely not, you can make a new avatar...
- Possibility to change skin tone, including new exotic colours; Should be possible
- Possibility to change eye colour, including new exotic colours; Also possible
- More hairstyles; every new hairstyle needs a lot of animation, but seems doable
- More facial hair styles. Men deserve their manly beards.
Custom Hair, pick front and back of existing hairstyles; Would need overhaul of hair system, but animations are available, not likely
Pregnancy and related body effects; For the same reason as other body options, this is not likely

CLOTHES & OUTFITS: Things we would like to look fancy
- Clothes usable in bed; NOT LIKELY for the same reason as tattoos and body modifications
- Separate piece of clothing, allowing mixing and matching of outfits; Maybe, but it would require a complete overhall of the clothes system (SO NOT LIKELY)

- Pirate Clothing; Both male and female
- Nurse; female
- Cheerleader; female
- Yoga pants and small top; female
- Gymnast or sports outfit; female
- Wizard robes, male and female
- Lingerie; female
- Playboy robe; male, bathrobe with open front, showing off junk.
- Playboy bunny; female
- ''Normal clothes'' for non premium users; Male and female
And many more!

MISCELLANOUS: Things we would like to make life easier
- Change shower sex to not start the moment someone enters the shower. People just want to shower together too.
- Better friend management system; What changes are wanted?
- Sound effects and music; Could be possible, would be nice
- Scrollbar for chat; Possible
- Payment methods; Like microtransactions then no, Paypall would be nice for people.
- More pets (Petnis like); Just for show, possible, usefull for sex, complicated.
- Jobs (bartender, player controlled glory-hole, etc.); Like the whorehouse, but different games. Possible
- Possibility to store PM's; Take a screenshot xD, the servers arent infinite
- Login Avatar Stats - Stats on the login screen. Cash, Sex Exp Points, Sex Level & # new messages.; Possible
- More emoji's to use in public chat
- Money transfer of the bank available for all users, not just premium. also any amount.
- Log in rewards; Small amount of gold for logging in daily, people would make money, and have reason to come back more often.
- Abillity to be naked in apartments or other private area's, maybe a nude beach akin to the bathhouse; We have the technology, we can do it!
- Apartments shared for all avatars of the same account, or an extra key for someone special/other avatars.
- Being able to change servers or avatars without having to log back in.
- The owner of the apartment/hotelroom should be able to kick a specific person, kicking everyone is annoying in party settings.

LOCATIONS: Places we would like to exist
- More functioning games in the casino.
- More ways of earning money; Mini games are planned, economy balancing is ongoing concern
- S&M Clubs; 
Friendly reminder: New locations are only as good as the content they provide, fill your seggestions with minigames, outfit shops and more to give each area its unique feel!

And thats the list for now folks! Please take current ideas and explain or expand upon them, or offer new ones. We are low on male outfit suggestions, and i believe there is a list of sex poses we could add.
can you add to the sex pose ideas - Secondary interactions like tit play, clit play, ass play, kissing etc. it can be automatic as part of the pose or player controlled.  we should be able to do more than just stick it in.

Also for apartments can you add the ability to share an apt between all avatars on 1 premium account
 [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]
A new Suggestion Thread is a good idea. It needs to be kept in people's view by regular posts.
male clothing 
- a Playboy robe that we can wear over open in the front to expose our nude body
- ripped/shredded t-shirt andjeans
- cockring with decorative clit vibrator (bunny ears) attached on top ( maybe for use in sex pose)
- gift bow ribbons to wrap around the base of cock
 [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]
good ones overfiend. i will add them to the list!
but i dont know how hard it would be to add those options for apartments and sex.
I believe that the overriding principle must be a balance between how many people want something and how difficult it is for Devs to implement. Something that many want and is easy comes to the front and something that few want and is difficult goes to the back, that is obvious. But for now I would like to see some of the smaller things that are easier to bring forward.

I have not yet had time to look at all suggestions but bringing in more casino games seems more important than a jungle area.

And I think that everyone is annoyed that apts can't be shared on a prem account.
Starting a new Suggestion thread was a great idea!

Allow me to comment a bit, especially on the features that would be the easiest to implement:

1) Sex options. Just as Climbing the Tree seemed ready-made for shower sex, Split Poundage should be easily implemented for couch sex - and the couch that is visible behind the pose uncannily looks like the one that came with apartments...

2) Body options. Changing skin and eye color should indeed be possible, and should include exotic colors like green skin, red eyes, etc.; but the latter would probably be limited to Premium (just like exotic hair colors).

3) Clothes and outfits. All these ideas are great, but a personal favorite would be pirate outfits for both sexes; also, give us more BDSM outfits and accessories! One thing, though: please avoid excessive price inflation (no outfit should costs more than 1,000$ or 1,200$, imho). Also, the possibility to "recolor" an existing outfit without having to sell it back and rebuy it should be implemented.

4) Miscellaneous. A better management system is needed, not only for friends but also for clothes - one should be able to manually organise these lists in any order they wish, by assigning a number to each friend/item, for exemple. A scrollbar for chat is a must. Money transfer for ALL players (even non-Premium), in ANY amount they please (even just one buck)!!!

5) Locations. Good ideas overall; adding more minigames that GUARANTEE monetary gain are a must.  Also, a friend of mine asked this the other day: why can't we select "nude" as an outfit? The animations for it exist (just visit the Baths) and it could be restricted to "private locations" (that is, hotel rooms and apartments) or certain public places -why not add a nude beach section to the existing one, for instance? In closing, here's a location idea: lover's hedge maze Smile .



P.S. Almost forgot... Zephyr is right: All avatars from a single Premium account should have access to the same appartment - you shouldn't be forced to buy one for each.
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The Goddess -
Since I woke up from my coma have noticed many things have been added to the game. The shower sex though, although fun is being abused by "Shower Jumpers" there really needs to be  a go button option for both people in the shower instead of it immediately going to the sex pose selection screen. Not only just a preventative measure for people being rude but also because before I got in a car reck I used to love relaxing in the showers with a beautiful woman with me and chatting in local chat. Can't do that anymore and I miss it.
Sex is the beginning of living, Awesome Sex is life itself.

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Welcome back Adam Smile

The shower sex has spoiled the baths experience for many of us.

Obviously the shower invasion and starting the animation right away should be fixed somehow. But also there are lots of people that miss just standing in the shower either alone or with more people.

Maybe we could have 2 sets of showers. For example using the current ones as they worked before the sex option and adding new ones with the sex option in the back of the baths. That is an area not very used and this way both the people that like the shower sex and the people that liked the old showers would be happy.

About clothes it would be nice having something sexy but that is not for playing a specific role or that doesn't make us walk around (half)naked. For example some short night dress, some new summer clothes, sport wear, etc.

I would like to have some kind of sorting option for the clothes, when having more than a few pages it becomes annoying going through them to select the combination you want.

It also would be very apreciated having the option of being naked in rooms.
I agree with Inala about having the option of being naked in rooms!

"Possibility to store PM's; Take a screenshot xD, the servers arent infinite"
It's just plain text with no formatting, I'm sure I would have enough storage room in my old hard disk to store all the PMs from the beginning of the game to today.

Right now it's a problem (at least for me) when, in long RPs, you lose the earlier PMs.
I'm not saying "keep ALL the PMs" but maybe
-add the possibility to store the ones we may need more
-keep them all, but automatically erase just the ones older than (for example) 60 days

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