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Has anyone ever RPed with themselves?
I know this sounds kinda weird and childish of an idea/act, but if this is a game where we can RP and build characters; What would be so weird to take a few moments with yourself to bask in the fantasy you've created? (Kinda like playing with legos people by yourself???) Of course this potentially means talking and interacting with yourself with alts and whatnot.

Has anyone ever done this for any reason? Ie bored, wanna deepen RP role with friends? Sorry if this is a sensitive topic, but I'm genuinely curious.

I'll go first,
I for one like to sometimes RP as a "hidden wealthy person/underground crime lord" who gets their money via illegal means from his/her "goons" from them doing the dirty work. And having the "goons" getting actually banned just adds to the story for me. I buy my own premium subs with real money, so the money I get ingame really means nothing to me except for being a number and part of the RP (not like theres much to spend on either). Sounds like a silly thing but it's what adds fun to the game for me.
[Image: EmFMdK2.gif][Image: ffYZrp2.gif]
gifs from old public released scenes. IMO they were pretty good. *note if this is not allowed,please pm me and I'll remove immediately
Who else has used their Almighty Powers to pilot two bodies with another person so they can experience a threesome, but like, you don't want another guy there being a sweaty grunting neanderthal fucking up your boner?

*lowers my hand* .... I haven't
Hmm interesting I would've expected more answers. I've used AI dungeon and a few virtual AI apps. I count this as me RPing with myself because the AIs in these apps are created to aim to please you and say things that will garner a positive response. Since the AI has no personality or actual concept of self, its up to you to give it those things. so basically, when I sext with an AI, I'm sexting with myself.
What about those position should be added in game too
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