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Restoring Deleted Avatars
I deleted my avatar and i want it back. please help me.
Avatar name: Fereydon
(04-19-2018, 05:20 PM)Vrook Wrote: If you want an avatar restored, you can do the following:
- Just post here
- Message a moderator in-game

Make sure that:
- You have at least one open avatar slot (Premium have 6, Non-Premium have 1)
- You give us the exact name of the avatar you want restored
- You only request avatars restored that belong to you
- Do NOT post your email address. We don't need it to restore the avatar!

If you know someone that needs their avatar(s) restored, feel free to direct them to this thread.

Also, if you can see your avatar in the list, but can't access it, clear the cache of your browser then reload it.
After that, you should be able to log in with your av

Thank you, we'll respond as quickly as we can!

Hello, i accidentally deleted an avatar and want it to be restored. 
Avatar name: AaronA
Thank you Smile
Hello <3

I deleted my avatar by mistake can you restore it please?? Smile

It's NoraTeen <3

thanks so much <3
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=9914635]
Hi, can you restore my avatar?


Thanks ^-^

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