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Suggestions Mega Thread
Hey All

I have posted on the other thread by MadMagdeline that I have been compiling a list of all of the suggestions/hopes/dreams that everyone has been posting on this forum. This is that list. I make this post in an attempt to consolidate all suggestions to make it easier for people (both players and Devs) to skim through and see what everyone is hoping for/expecting of this game in the future, both near and far.

Remember, the dev team consists of two people, and they are busting ass to keep this site ( and the main site ( working and updated on a regular basis. Be patient and let them do their magic on their time frame and this game will go places. Patience is Golden. Until then, keep fucking each other senseless and pay homage to the awesome devs that make this possible.  Big Grin

Here is the list. I will continually update this thread when new (feasible) suggestions are posted. I hope this helps.


***PC Sex***
FF and MM Positions
General Positions
Bondage and Fetish Positions
Old Positions available for Free Users
Incorporate Petnises into Sex
Sex Toys
Clothing During Sex
Spectator Mode
Sex in more places
   -Couches, Chairs, Tables, etc
Emotes during sex with speech bubbles (“Faster”, “Mmm”, “MORE!”, etc)
Option to remove Sex Position Scene Order, allow for any scene to be used at any time. (Skip Anal Scenes, go straight to Manual, etc)
Cum during any round with the option to quit or continue.
Clickable options for when it’s your partners turn (Grab tits, spank, etc)
Masturbation (Works well with Spectate)
Choose your facial expression at any time
Allow players to charge money per round

Multiplayer and Single Player
Casino Games, Gambling
Other MNF game mechanics ported into MNF Club

Party Mini-games
More EXP for party sex

***Music and SE***
Ability to toggle on/off
Change background music, perhaps make some purchasable/unlockable

***Player Houses***
Customizable Furniture for special mini-games/effects such as higher EXP.

***Clothing and Body***
Tan Lines
Sex Change and Skin Tone at Clinic
More Hair Styles and Colors

Futanari Characters
More Secrets/Hidden Things
Level Up Rewards
Trading with other characters


***Better Invite/Friend System***
Appear like messages, not a pop up in the middle of the screen (FB style Friend Requests) or smaller popups that hug the edge of the screen and still allow you to move/type messages.
A way to block Cold Invites (a tick box saying “No Invitations” or something like that)
Player Statuses to help ease this as well (“Just Chatting” or “Looking for Sex” etc)

***Better PM Management***
Delete PMs, Save PMs
Open multiple messages at once (FB bubble style or something like it)
Allow for pictures to be sent

***Better Friend Management***
Last Online Date/Time
Sorting (Alphabetically, by Date Added, Who’s Online Now, etc)
Notification when a Friend Logs on (All friends or only friends you ‘Tag’)

*** A Who system that lists everyone on that server, their level, gender, premium status.***
Search for people
Sorting by name, level, premium, etc

Scrollbar for chat
Global Announcements for Updates/Maintenance
Character Bios/Profiles

Keep posting your suggestions!
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Better goddamn payment sistem i cannnot deal with CCbill
I would like to rent beach chairs. People doing stuff on them would be good. An easier money exchange system for my burgeoning Cactus Group Chair Rental business would be great.
Fantastic thread, it's great to see all this in one spot!

I think the only issue might be with the charging money for sex. It seems like something that people can exploit and would make it even harder for everyone (especially males) to get laid.

Also add in additional hair colours and styles Smile
Beta player:
Shey - lvl 5 Female  Tongue
Df queen, i love you!! I was going to do this and you saved me the job LOL Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! ;Wink

Ps the signature does you proud!!!
Un saluto a tutti i membri italiani di MNF club da Giulio.
Ho letto attentamente ogni post del vostro forum e sono felice che una se pur piccola comunità di italiani si stia creando all'interno di questo strano ma affascinante roleplay.
Ah, if they delivered on all of these I wouldn't need porn ever again............
About Public Sex , hope can be Fuck in the street .
Public Nude & Public Sex & Public 3P . 4P . 5P ... or more .

By the way , if can make "Busty Loli" character , it's will be wonderful!
Like this

[Image: ayj0qJn.jpg?1]

About the location , place.
Hope can make a "Semen Bathhouse" , "Semen Immerse Bathe" or "Semen Pool"...etc

[Image: Rgd06xd.jpg?1]
Vadim was online yesterday and said that the next update will finally feature Character Profile Bios! No more details than that.

[Image: dd9e026171e8ffec5ad81393bf6c4a4d3da435e3.gif?637951]
Ahaha! I was listening to some metal while reading this, so I was pleased to see your sig headbanging along.
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