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Is too much content locked behind paywalls?
Kia Ora all, I opened up MnF for the first time in a hot minute and it honestly felt like Christmas. A Milking pose?? A Barn for Hucows??? And takes all kinds of combinations???? It's like someone read my mind.

Oh it's in the Suburbs? That's a bad costs $400,000...ouch...

Like I said I don't play as much as I used to, but I started playing when I was 19 (?), and I'm 26 now (!), so I guess I can say I'm a veteran, but I do feel like since the concept of paying for property got started with an apartment, it's been one upped over and over again just to milk players that are already paying a subscription fee for more and more. When apartments were introduced, they instantly became the meta for gaining xp, but immediately became outdated once you could buy houses. Then cars...then boats.....If you're a boat owner, do you ever go to your apartment or house? I'm genuinely asking, because I'm not sure I can think of why besides like, personal attachment.

While technically yes you can earn all of them for free, you kind of need to be running in certain circles to have someone generous enough to help you, because there is no way you can earn enough for just a barn from playing mini games alone.... The elephant in the room is that you can pay real life money for it, which would be a whopping $400.

That's not to mention content that requires micro transactions to permanently own. I can't blame people for wanting them. I splashed out for futa and lactation potions, and honestly I'm glad I have them. But it's more payments on top of a subscription fee and like, is that okay?

I don't want this to be a callout thread. Making and operating a game is expensive, and end of the day you gotta get that bread, but the high costs and barriers seem ways to gatekeep people that are more casual about the game out of being able to access a lot of content. And maybe that's not fair when they just want to get milked while a stranger drills your ass and moo.
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Yeah need something to temp new users with before they're willing to shell out all that cash.

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