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Hurtful message.
[Image: ZWFnGf.png]

So I just received this referring to a new firend of mine, who I met a couple of days ago and have been talking history, philosophy, science and theatre with. Not even sex stuff.

I don't get it. Form a third party I've never met who immediately blocked me.
Kyrios, what did I say about corrupting people!? Especially the innocent! What are you, a Sith Lord?! It's time for an internetvention!
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*Grin* Thanks Emmie. That makes me feel better.
I feel that just because you engage in certain role plays that some people (including myself) find uncomfortable/out of bounds, does not mean you're the kind of person to "corrupt" others. 

I can only say this from my personal experience talking with you. After the many conversations we've had, I don't consider you as someone who pressures other people to do something they didn't want to do, against their consent. If I wasn't interested in talking about a particular subject, you would be perfectly fine with that and have made it vocal that you respect my boundaries.
"Each night has one sound I know: the moon against the water like your cheek across mine in another life." – Sara Eliza Johnson
*Tears up a little in gratitude* Thanks that means a lot.
Yep, I get something of similar fashion before too. Only the message is a bit different, around the lines of "Don't talk publicly please, you think you're famous or something?" and I say "You don't have too be famous to speak up, try it Smile" Well, she didn't try it and deleted her account a few days later. Might be a troll Tongue

Point being, if you are not what they say you were, then why bother?
A wise man always say: 
"Make Love, Not War"
What angers me is the implicit attempt to control the behaviour of both myself and the friend with blacked out names. I doubt its a troll, they would be unlikely to have picked the person they did, who stood with me on a bridge for a while.

My friend can decide for herself if she wants to talk to me. I can decide if I want to talk to her. Its got nothing to do with anyone else. I'm really annoyed that someone acting so immorally could come at me with so much sanctimony.
Kyrios is a wicked man only if others desire him to be. Angel

I don't know who the person is, but they were obviously upset. I also doubt they meant to troll you – it seems like they had a lot of concern for the girl you were talking to. Definitely valid, but no reason to accuse you of being "a horrible human being."
"Each night has one sound I know: the moon against the water like your cheek across mine in another life." – Sara Eliza Johnson
Kyrios, I don't know what to say, beyond the fact that this is just plain horrible. Angry

I hope you reported this to the administrators, my friend. Nothing, NOTHING justifies that sort of intimidation.

I'm here if you need to talk, big bro.

*bro hug*, Ivan
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The Goddess -
Kyr, they finally discover who you are, and the things you do to innocent...housewifes!!! HAHAHA *CREEPY SMILE*

Now for real, Forget it, move along, the world is full with stupid persons!!!
To be simple is to be great

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