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Recent Changes/Updates and Thoughts
So I just noticed that you can no longer see the location of a certain player if you are not friends with him/her. I think this is a great addition especially because it seems that some female players are having stalkers in game.

The new 'log in with facebook' system is another good addition too. It will increase the amount of registered users.

Mod Notes: A few ground rules:
- You have the right to like something others don't.
- You have the right to dislike something others do.
- You have the right to respectfully disagree with someone who likes or dislikes something.
- You do NOT have the right to lash out, insult, or otherwise disrespect other people just because you disagree with them.
It is Mortimer, I've seen some female players here get harassed by guys following them around wherever they go. Then started to disturb conversations. Kinda annoying, really.  Angry

Hope this will help ease the stress from playing this game  Big Grin
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I've been hoping for that update. I call this dog tagging, And it really makes harassing people easy. It's true, that it is used against girls a lot, but I have also seen guys fall victim to its effects. Unfortunately, dog tagging still does work.

Please disable dog tagging, devs!
What dog tagging, miss.... ?
Here to help and guide. 
Stalkers in a sexgame ? Are some people really that bored and pathetic ?
By the way was a Fb login system that necessary ?
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The Facebook login option spooked me when I first saw it, since that's the last place I'd want to connect to when I'm having my anonymous fun...

As for the stalking issue, I haven't run into it myself, but I'm still relieved that only contacts can know our location now.
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Hi, good morning, yes i noticed that too, it seems a very good idea, not that i have any problem before, LET THEM COME!!!, but that its for the facebook login, i agree with soju...
I thought it was a bug at first, but it's all for the better this way (I have already been stacked once).
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I have no idea what you are talking about...dont go to the game since last weekend..., but OK, fine with me!!!
Tantrum, you can't see any longer the place where a certain individual is, unless you have him at friends.
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