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Character Assassination
I've run into strangers in the game informing me of the rotten ways of other strangers. I find this very disturbing, someone trying to ruin the reputation of another player. Since it's on my mind, I'm wondering what you others think of such behavior?
People like that need to fuck off.
Yep, that's a big red flag there. Don't pay attention to them. It could be true or just false accusations.

See for yourself who he/she really is, then you decide yourself Smile
That never happening to me...and i guess it never will, if someome try to tell me roten stuff about other person, i just KICK HIM OUT!!
The only thing that happens to me, similar to that, was a guy that ask me to make some jealous to his former GF...
Well, I was tired, cold and hungry when I gave that initial response, and typing on my phone so wasn’t able to really go into detail. I’ve had a coffee and a snickers now, and on a PC so I can be a little more eloquent …

People like that need to fuck off.

If you don’t like somebody’s behaviour, ignore them. If they’re offensive or abusive, there is a ‘report abuse’ button that can be used. If you feel the need to vent, do so to friends, but not to random strangers.

I know that I have been angry or annoyed with the behaviour of some players, and have called them out in public chat, or raged to a friend about it. But just approaching strangers and bitching about random players is out of order.

However, if you are aware of a player displaying extreme dishonesty, such as attempting to trick players into sending nudes, or scamming people for premium certificates, I think it’s right to warn others, as long as you are 100% certain this is the case.

Otherwise, as long as somebody is not breaking any rules are damaging the game, there’s no need to launch a hate campaign against them just because you don’t like the way they play.
I'm really glad to see what you all have written here. In my case, I told the player in question to never ever talk to me again, added some insult and blocked him. I feel strongly that this sort of player vs. player stuff is only suited to ruin ppls enjoyment. Even in cases where something really bad has happened (scamming or whatever), what's the point of telling anonymous strangers. How am I to know the difference between a troll and someone reporting a real problem?
I generally take the opposite approach; that is, praising the rp or imagination of someone I know.
But what if a person forces you....u know...with RP.....for eg : is in well.....raping mood.....and ur not interested for some reason.......This happened here to a friend of mine.....She asked me to fwd the message to all my female friends......What would u call that?? 

I believed her and did what asked me to.....what about u guys?? 

Coz ....maybe she has developed real feelings for her fellow players......i Have too......What about u guys??
There's a difference between telling your friends and telling random people. If I meet someone really creepy, I might tell friends about it, I wouldn't shout it to the world though. Unless in a post about creepy situations or whatever, and even then I wouldn't use names.
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I agree with Emmie. I think there's a difference between telling friends, people you care about and who might encounter the same experience, and telling strangers about it.

Someone who likes to air other people's dirty laundry to strangers in the game, whether maliciously or not, reflects more who they are as a character.
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