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All the updates will be posted here.
Our forum opens its doors for all of you.
As for all those that are patient and nice, the MnF team is happy to announce that with all the hard work and problems that they are facing, so far they have managed to release Red Heat area, a place where you can chill and cool down after a long run back and forth from the room and lovely company. Take a breath of fresh, cold air and admire the pines.

The next release that they are working on is what every lady has been asking for after the release of the Hotel Plaza or maybe earlier.. even I do not know an exact time... but what I can tell you now is that the FF poses, the lesbian love making will come soon to each and everyone, who are in "lesbians".....
Here to help and guide. 
Time passes so quickly in our favorite Club, so thank you all for joining, for showing the team behind it your interest and support.
Happy two months Anniversary!!!
Enjoy and ave a good time!
Here to help and guide. 
Hello again esteemed members of the Club, it is time to let you know that the team is proud to announce that there will be a new feature to bring life to the cold area of Red Heat, Vodka bar will allow you, those that desire, to use the Strip poles that up to now were only as decor.
Have fun spins and hot teases for all that will be there.
Here to help and guide. 
Hello ladies and gentlemen of the club,

You now have that update that you were asking so much about it, enjoy it, have fun and entertain your friends. Also as an update, I will not be in the game anymore, that doesn't mean anything, so please do not make presumptions about the future of the game, however I will be here still, so feel free to contact me if something needs my attention.
Here to help and guide. 
The past few weeks have been intense, filled with new implements from the developers. So stripper poles have arrived in the Bar, along with new outfits for the ladies, filling that place most of the time and giving you all something to enjoy. Soon after the Cat suits and ears have appeared, pleasing some and doing nothing for others, in the same time my beloved Ushanka was put up for sale for all those that were asking me, they can get it. The gentlemen got a suit and tie and again a new hat has arrived in the store, after it was suggested by your moderator Sharp.
And as a friend of mine has posted on the forum as soon as she saw the poles in the Bar, miss Lissa I am talking about you here, her suggestion arrived at the team and it was executed, Strip poles for the VIP Suits.. so enjoy those private parties.
Here to help and guide. 
After a chat with Vadim I have found out a few things that will come your way, in the game.
So here it goes.. there is work on the Spectator Mode, the implementation will be as "webcams". There was also talk about a beach for nudists.
So I would be very happy if you do not come and ask me anymore about what will come next or when.
Here to help and guide. 
Today is a special day as we celebrate 6 months since our club has opened its doors.
Happy Anniversary MnFClub!
Here to help and guide. 
Hello dear MnFuckers,
After a short chat with one of the devs I have been notified that soon we will have a small update that will bring some more clothes to the users, after that a minigame will be introduced, with cards.
And in the end, there will be an update that will bring pose(s), do not yet know the full details on this last two... but in due time you will see them in the game.
Here to help and guide. 

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