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Yes, I like seeing my partner's face
No, I don't want to see my partner's face
It doesn't matter
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Facing the reality
I do not like sharing pictures of myself therefore I prefer not to have my partner show themselves. If they show a photo to me they are obviously expecting something back, of which i am too reserved to give.
I don't think is about online, but when you're having sex with a person in real life. I have full respect for not wanting to show pics of yourself to random people online. I think it's good! But slightly besides the point on this thread.
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I always end up doing both. It's usually a pretty predictable pattern we follow like reverse cowgirl to cowgirl, doggy, and finishing with missionary. I know my girl says she likes looking into my eyes towards the end. And I know I love reverse cowgirl but it seems like the change of pace is what keeps things interesting for us.
I am the queen of misunderstanding threads.
To stay on-topic, yeah, I do like looking at each other during, when it is of convenience! I really don't mind eitherway. Certain bits are a lot more sensual if you look at each other.
Of course I like to watch my sex partner 'reactions', that is very important for me, although, the use of a blindfold could be very pleasant, occasionally, OK?, occasionally...
To be simple is to be great
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