Forum Announcement: Approved code sellers
We know how hard it is for people who are looking to buy premium codes for in-game money.
Given the lack of information about possible sellers and also the possibility of running into scams.
We would like to share a list of sellers who have sold more than 50 codes and for more than a year.
There are two main types of sellers in the game:

Original Sellers-
They are the people who buy codes directly from the game. Generally they're more rare to find but their codes would be cheaper.
Here's the list of the Original Sellers:
Master (Big Bang / Lagoon Beach or MnF Alley)
UCHIHA-ITACHI (bing bang / wild west & lagoon beach)
Superman (MNF Bank/ Nether region Wild West/ Beaver Bash) 
DelShad (Booty Camp /Lagoon Beach)
Migs (Beaver Bash / Wild West)

They are sellers who buy codes from other sellers and then sell to the end users to make a profit. Generally they're easier to find but their codes will be more expensive.
Here's the list of Resellers:
YANA (Big Bang/ Wild West  or Lagoon beach)
Shanaya (Beaver Bash or Big Bang / Wild West or Lagoon Beach)  
John-The-Great (Beaver Bash or Big Bang/Wild West)
Hare_Osama (Beaver Bash / Mnf Alley or Wild West)
Madisyn (Beaver Bash or Big Bang/Wild West)
Rustam (Beaver Bash / Wild West)
B_K (Beaver Bash / Wild West)
Assyllina (Big Bang / Lagoon Beach)
BohemianWolf (Big Bang / Flash Memo Plaza)
Megha (Beaver Bash or Big Bang / Lagoon Beach)
_Dhruv_ (Beaver Bash or Big Bang /Wild West or Lagoon Beach)

The protocol for the sale of codes is:
The seller sends the code to the buyer
The buyer activates the code and restarts their game
The buyer sends the agreed upon money to the seller via the Bank (Southern MnF)
You can also ask a moderator to mediate a deal to further negate any risk of scams.

If you'd like to be listed as an approved seller for this list, contact any Moderator or send an email to

  (If any deals are made outside of the game you will be removed from our approved sellers's list)